Friday, January 29, 2010

Which planner?

Posted by Alei at 1/29/2010

Yes, I know its a little late to actually think over for a planner. However, its not so late to have one for this year hehe. For the past three consecutive years, I preferred Starbucks Planner. Its not because it happened that I liked the designs for the past years. Instead, its just that I started with Starbucks so I'd rather collect their planners along the years. However, this year, I'm torn between Starbucks Planner and Belle de Jour Planner.

Starbucks Planner is practical for coffee addicts through which completing the stickers to get their planner were as easy as breeze for them. For a not-so-coffee-lover like me, buying it is only an added expense. I also do not like this year's design though it comes with discount coupons, I still won't buy it. Multiply sellers sell them for 1,000 pesos ($20) and even more. I'm saving money these days so I fancy Belle De Jour. =) Its more affordable, useful and stylish. It has a girl's personal touch complete with menstrual tracker, forget-me-not pad discount coupons, expenses tracker and even more functional pages. It surely fits every woman's needs. I'm definitely getting it! I think it is better planner for the year and lighter for my pocket. I can't wait to have it. The only thing is, Adrian insists that I buy Starbucks Planner. He enumerated his reasons and I was half convinced. Well I still have a day to think about it. Let's see who is going to win. =)

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