Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Crazy over Crazy Crepes

Posted by Alei at 3/02/2010

I had my first savor of crepe was at crazy crepes last month at Trinoma with Adrian. Their dummy crepes encased in the glass look yummy that enticed us to try. As newbies, we only bought a single banana crepe with fresh/whipped cream. The store crew asked us if I want to have it with ice cream. Thinking that it could be messy with just the paper as a cone to cover the crepe, I said no. Then, only to find out that it comes with a small spoon to ease consuming it. I told myself to try the ice cream crepe the next time.

Crepes models against the glass

Last Saturday, I felt that sugar rush in me again. And by that time, we visited Crazy Crepes at SM The Block. I went for the banana-choco-vanilla. Adrian chose blueberries. Both combination we picked comes with ice cream.

The crepes were prepared right before my eyes and I was able to observe how they prepare the crepes. The crepes are freshly made then laid out to add the whipped cream. Your fruit of choice comes next. Some crepes come with a scoop of ice cream, others don’t. It is your choice if you want to have a scoop. Syrup is drizzled over the combination of fruits, ice cream and whipped cream. My crepe comes with banana, whipped, ice cream and chocolate syrup. Adrian’s serving comes with blueberry, whipped cream, ice cream and some nuts. The crepe is then rolled and folded with paper and served like an ice cream with a spoon.

And voila! My favorite part, eating haha. Here’s my banana crepe topped with chocolate syrup. I was not able to get a better shot than this because I was excited to eat. =)

Both crepes are delectable. I equally love the whipped cream and the ice cream. (I remember myself scooping out the whipped cream before stirring my frappe when at a coffee shop.) The only problem is it gets a little messy when I bite off the crepe itself. Of course, I can’t scoop it like the ice cream.

Everything displayed through their glass are mouth-watering. One will surely have a hard time taking which to pick. Prices range from Php 80-120. The prices are actually reasonable considering it’s a delicious snack. It is really a must-try.

6 comments on "Crazy over Crazy Crepes"

Beranda Jiwa on Thu Mar 04, 02:44:00 AM 2010 said...

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AlmyrSian on Fri Mar 05, 12:25:00 PM 2010 said...

wow, yummy... how i wish there's also a branch of crazy crepes here in Cebu.. i heard from a friend that it really does taste good.. please give me some riel.. lol.. :)

Mara on Tue Mar 09, 06:57:00 PM 2010 said...

SARAAAP! Panira sa diet. Haha! :)

Eric : BlogDeManila : Philippine Blog on Tue Mar 16, 03:16:00 PM 2010 said...

wow...so yummy! sarap ngayong summer yan!

yenyen on Tue Apr 06, 10:35:00 AM 2010 said...

My first taste of crepes was in Bora with either strawberry or mango syrup and that started my addiction to crepes.. happy to have crazy crepes in Cebu too... I love mango vanilla caramel (I hope i got that right). almyrsian, they do have a branch here in Cebu, its in SM north wing..

Anonymous said...

i first tasted crazy crepes in CEBU.they have it in the northwing area.near duty free i think. i hope they have more branches here in the south of manila :| imiss it


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