Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What Happened Some Months Ago

Posted by Alei at 1/18/2011
I failed to blog 99% of my life's events during the final quarter of last year. It was only now that I got well from my laziness-to-blog sickness :) Its still considered New Year isn't? I might as well start it right. These are the memories of what I've been through. I have listed random events that had transpired last year. Most likely, I will be posting some of them for further details. It is still better to be late than never.

  • First month of being single after a 5 year long relationship.
  • My grandmother died. She was 95 years old then.
  • My brother, who is working in Dubai, came home for an emergency leave at left after two weeks. He tied the knot.
  • Got to know a friend better who happened to be my ex's friend/classmate.
  • Booked for Singapore Trip
  • I was occupied with the election campaign. My aunt ran for Barangay Chairman. It could have been her second term but, she lost.
  • I voted.
  • Done reading Narnia and Percy Percy Jackson.
  • I went to Singapore with two of my friends.
  • My niece, Kelsey, turned 1.
  • I met my blogger friend Almyr from Cebu accompanied by a few of his friends.
  • Reunited with high school friends.
  • My father's death anniversary
  • Went out with my friend, to hand him a keepsake from Singapore
  • Paid estate tax at BIR for bank requirements again
  • Changed status (in a relationship again)
  • Applied as a Ground Steward (no updates yet)
  • Reunion with some of my friends
  • Christmas was fine. I miss my family. Having no more parents, my brother abroad, my sister with her husband, it was the first Christmas I did not spend with my family.

What can be achieved by unearthing the past? Maybe for no other reason than to finally put them all behind. No regrets this year, only lessons learned. Goodbye 2010, hello 2011! :))

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