Friday, April 22, 2011

Photo Quotes for Tumblr and Facebook

Posted by Alei at 4/22/2011

I am back to posting again at my graphic blog, Glam Concepts. It's up and running again. This time, I am into photo quotes that are mostly used in Facebook and Tumblr. I don't have the right to claim them all as my own. I got inspirations, quotes, and graphics from resources here in the Internet. All I did was modify some stuffs, put designs, then voila, its done.

My niece prodded me to do them since she and her friends and are so fond of photo quotes. It's their way of expressing how they feel. It's been just two days since I started updating it and I have posted quite a few already (and a lot more are to come). It just shows how much I missed Photoshop and its palette. :)

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hailey on Mon Sep 05, 04:35:00 PM 2011 said...

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