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10 Things I Am Thankful For This 2011

Posted by Alei at 12/26/2011
Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough."

Oprah Winfrey

1. My work – I may not have the best and high paying career out there but I am still grateful that I have one. I am luckier than some millions of Filipinos who are unemployed especially those people who badly need a job to feed their family.

2. My brother’s return – After more than a year of working in Dubai, my brother came back home just in time for the Christmas day. He arrived last Dec 23. We do not have parents anymore and it’s a relief that I spent the Christmas with my siblings unlike last year.

3. My relatives – No man is an island. Even the richest person needs someone to make his life worth living. My relatives have always been my support group. My life’s decision would be harder without them guiding me.

4. My Beau, my man - He makes me happy. There is no place in this world more comforting than his arms. We may argue on certain things from time to time but we both know that no matter how we have pissed each other , as much as we wanted to prove each of us is right, at the end of incoherent discussion, it is not the question of whose fault it is, but, what should be done to make things right and smooth again.

5. My Friends – Ever since I graduated from high school, I lost track of my friends and their whereabouts. We hang out very seldom and yet, though it has already been years since then, it seems that nothing has changed. We are still the same persons we used to be way back high school

6. This is so me – I am thankful for my blog. I have my own venue to rant, share or anything that I feel like expressing at any point of my life.

7. The Past - It makes me realize that life can still be better despite all the trials I have been through. It reminds me of both the good and the bad that happened which made me who I am today.

8. Health – For all the stress that I have been through, I am so much thankful for having good health. None of us is in 100% perfect health and having a good one is a blessing.

9. Planner – Seems so odd right? Whenever I would like to remember something I did for over a month, I just read my planner. It contains everything, from my weekend activities, what I wear and even the restaurants I eat. It’s always a part of my New Year, a new planner to keep track of all the things.

10. I have no major losses this year. Nevertheless, I am grateful for everything that has not been taken away from me that I can still live with next year.

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