Monday, December 28, 2009

The New Me

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It seemed that my past life was on playback as I scanned through my old pictures taken when I was in 4th year high school. They brought back those memories when I care less on my physical appearance. Back then, vanity was the least of my priority.

Five years ago, I used to look like this, my hair short, thick and wavy. It’s as if I am one of the boys if it not had been through our school uniform. Haha
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My classmates used to tease me that I am a “tomboy”. I was like, “Who cares?, I’m not really one.” My look made me had the feeling of inferiority complex. I do not mingle that much with my classmates and I shy away from school activities. The dilemma was on me. I know it does not make me less of a person but, a part of me says I should do something. So, I asked myself…

My answer? Yes, definitely. I need a makeover to prepare for college.

After graduation, I decided to grow my hair long. I have never had my hair long enough to touch my shoulder since I was a kid hehe. Growing it was a challenge I feared. With my wavy hair, it would be unmanageable. I was lucky, by that same year, hair straightening boomed in salons. Straight hair became the trend. I went with the flow, gave hair relax a shot and I was happy with the result. Having something new and different in me made me excited.

My nearly shoulder length hair grew longer through my college years then I tried hair rebond. The outcome was remarkable. Since then, I realized I can still improve myself. I became conscious of my face. I visit the facial salon once in a while, pluck my eyebrows, consult the orthodontist to correct my teeth and use some beauty products. These did not only made me look better, instead made me feel better, better than ever. I am pleased with the "new me".

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Rightly or wrongly, we tend to form an impression by what we see. Though beauty is only skin deep, it builds confidence. It’s not the question of how beautiful you are, instead, it’s simply a question of appreciating yourself, highlighting your natural beauty to project your own self-image, and let it shine through. I've been there, done that. =) Thanks to beauty products like Glutamax for they enhance our natural beauty .

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