Thursday, November 27, 2008

Rob Pattinson ... Bite Me ... Please!

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I haven't watched the movie yet. As a Twilight fan, I participated in this survey. =)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Twilight Move Premiere

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I’m down to the fourth and last sequel of Twilight which is Breaking Dawn. But, I cannot suppress the thrill that tomorrow is the most awaited day of the Twilight fanatics. Count me in. =) SM Cinemas will be holding Twilight: Sneak Preview tomorrow in selected SM Cinema branches. Bella with the Cullen vampire coven will soon officially rip out the theaters here in the tomorrow during the premiere night. Reportedly, the film gained $35 million on the opening day and 70.6 million during the opening weekend
. Isn’t that bloody?

Twilight trivia invade the local radio with premiere tickets up for grabs. I would really want to have two. But, theaters will surely be jam packed by tomorrow and the next so I would prefer another day for Edward Cullen hahaha. I’ll save my excitement from now.

Hooked as I was with the saga, I even dreamed of being a vampire lol. I just wonder will I also be that beautiful like Rosalie or acquire a special skill like Alice? Haha It was not clear if I played Bella in my trance. All I remembered was at the meadow with Edward and we were running high-speed toward a river hehe.

Women nowadays still dream of a fairytale ending. But what they want is not a knight on a white, horse but a vampire with a shiny silver Volvo.

That was sooo Twilight hahaha. A friend sent me that message and I was like, “Yeah right, Edward is the most romantic vampire!”.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Friendster still unstable

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Friendster has been down lately. Since the other day until yesterday, the website loads at a snail's pace and for quite some time, temporary maintenance has been announced at their page. What was the commotion about?
This morning I received a text message from two of my friends containing this note:

"Please be advised that Friendster has suffered a great damage on their site as a computer named h4xor-nightmare had infiltrated their database. Please do not log in your accounts or add friends for the time being for the team is currently recovering the losses that were inflicted. Please spread."

This was really disconcerting though it was not mentioned whom this message originally came from, whether or he/she is trustworthy. I am not exactly the best judge of what is and isn't reliable. I am just apprehensive of what was going on so I send the same message to some of my friends.

I started using Friendster four years ago. I created my account when I was still in my senior years in highschool. From then, I have accumulated 1000+ friends. I have met new and old friends including strangers from the online community. hehe Friendster seem to be an online assurance that even though people do not personally met, still, we have this kind of connection that allows us all to be updated of each others' lives. Our connection cannot be broken by absence or distance, we are just a click away from a friend or relative. That was a some days ago when Friendster had not been plagued yet.

Snapping back to reality, regrettably, as I logged in my account, the number of my friends was trimmed off from 1000+ to 55. Imagine that? That was not even a fourth or a tenth of my friendlist. I have been whining about this since yesterday. I know I am not only the sole person who felt this loss. I am not blaming those people behind Friendster. I know setbacks are encountered by everyone. I hope that will problem will be resolved, if not that soon, at least, be resolved successfully with losses recovered.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Eclipse ebook

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I have read New Moon through an ebook. I have settled for another e book again, Eclipse, the third installment of the Twilight Saga. It was not by choice since, again, for the nth time, Twilight books were out of stock. The demand for the romance novel was high and copies are being sold so quickly. I always wear that long face every time I step out of bookstores finding nothing. How I wish I would have the complete set available in hard bound copies. At least, I would not be fussing this much in looking for it.

My only solace lies on the ebooks available here in the Internet. They are absolutely free. You just have to sign up and join the forum. They are even available in other dialects.

I am totally a Twilight fan. I can not even suppress my enthusiasm when I start reading. I even cried when Edward bade goodbye to Bella in New Moon hahaha I can relate with it hehe For me nothing is more surprising than this, Kcat of Iamkcat even read Twilight thrice and New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn twice! Can you imagine that? I guess she was really into Edward like me hahaha. Yeah she's right, what's not to love about Edward? By the way, thanks Kcat for the ebook. =)

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Monday, November 10, 2008

8 Random Facts About Me

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I've been tagged by Ate Lainy. This was my second tag so far. Thanks Ate Lainy!


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Here are eight facts about me:

1. I love blueberry cheesecake. But I do not eat the fruit itself, just the syrup hehe.
2. I always sleep early but still ending up waking late in the morning.
3. Apart from blogging, either I read books or edit pictures through Adobe during my spare time.
4. My social life has been on hiatus. It has been a stretched time since I got the chance to go out with my girlfriends.
5. Before I started blogging, I was hooked up playing online games then I realized I should use my time wisely so I opted to blog.
6. I once dreamed to be an accountant but I am not closing my doors to study again and be one someday.
7. I am afraid to drive the reason why until now I haven’t learned to do it. I was caught up with trauma when we nearly hit a tree as I was being taught on how to drive several years ago. Thank God, handbrakes were invented.
8. When I do not feel sleepy yet, I lie on bed, wag my feet together left and right and eventually, after some minutes, I would be in deep slumber then hehe.

I am tagging:

Kcat of I am kcat, Tessa of Daily whispers
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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Silent Saturday

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This was a picture taken from TGI Friday's Tomas Morato. It was a block away from ABS-CBN. Kapamilya stars visiting Friday's has been a common scene during my practicum days in the restaurant.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I have downloaded a New Moon ebook

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I am done reading Twilight just yesterday and I am still hungry for Bella and Edward's love story. I am getting crazy over the novel and I love Edward! hahaha I can't wait to see the movie.
The next installment of the story is New Moon. I have looked for it yesterday at the bookstores but, just like what I have experienced in Twilight, its out of stock. Now, after reading Twilight, I wonder no more why these books ran out easily. I have been witness as I read the novel and its really worth the time and effort consumed with it. Once you start reading it, it would be hard for you to put it down even just for a while. Hmmm Curious? Why not read the book yourselves =).
Though I haven't found a copy of New Moon yet, luckily, I have downloaded an ebook just a while ago. Good thing I can read it while waiting for New Moon stocks over the bookstores. And hurray! It's for free! I am excited to read it. But before anything else, I will eat my breakfast first. =) I'll surely have a good day.

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Monday, November 3, 2008

My new home

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Haven’t you notice yet? I have my new address. =) I have purchased my own domain already. Lainy was really an angel sent. If it not had been for her, I might not be rejoicing now for my new domain. It was not difficult at all. Lainy guided me through the process. It went swimmingly except for few server errors I have encountered while going through my registration. I nearly was giving up then thinking that there’s going to be another day to do it. But, as I was ready for my retreat, when I got back to the tab, I saw it was already a success. I felt a wave of relief and satisfaction. Whew!

My blog was in transition for the past three days. I have been busy now updating my links. I do not now what's in store for my new domain. I am just wishing for the best. Can I ask you guys a favor? Please do update my link to if it isn’t too much to ask though. =) Have a nice day everyone!


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