Monday, November 24, 2008

Twilight Move Premiere

Posted by Alei at 11/24/2008

I’m down to the fourth and last sequel of Twilight which is Breaking Dawn. But, I cannot suppress the thrill that tomorrow is the most awaited day of the Twilight fanatics. Count me in. =) SM Cinemas will be holding Twilight: Sneak Preview tomorrow in selected SM Cinema branches. Bella with the Cullen vampire coven will soon officially rip out the theaters here in the tomorrow during the premiere night. Reportedly, the film gained $35 million on the opening day and 70.6 million during the opening weekend
. Isn’t that bloody?

Twilight trivia invade the local radio with premiere tickets up for grabs. I would really want to have two. But, theaters will surely be jam packed by tomorrow and the next so I would prefer another day for Edward Cullen hahaha. I’ll save my excitement from now.

Hooked as I was with the saga, I even dreamed of being a vampire lol. I just wonder will I also be that beautiful like Rosalie or acquire a special skill like Alice? Haha It was not clear if I played Bella in my trance. All I remembered was at the meadow with Edward and we were running high-speed toward a river hehe.

Women nowadays still dream of a fairytale ending. But what they want is not a knight on a white, horse but a vampire with a shiny silver Volvo.

That was sooo Twilight hahaha. A friend sent me that message and I was like, “Yeah right, Edward is the most romantic vampire!”.

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Perky on Wed Dec 03, 12:31:00 AM 2008 said...

I've watched the Twilight movie 4 times in a row already. I'm so obsessed with the movie (and with Robert Pattinson, of course ;) ).

Never has a movie or actor affected me in such a way. Hehehe...


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