Tuesday, February 28, 2012

MRT: No Turnback Allowed Starting March 1

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I am a frequent mrt commuter. On my way to the office, I ride 5 times, roundtrip, (or even more) a week. My route is southbound and I alight at the Taft station, the last at the south. I am from Cubao but instead of riding the southbound from there, I prefer to turn back (roundtrip is the common term for the commuters), riding the northbound up until the North station, the end of the north line. Upon arrival at the last station, passengers bound for south need not to get off the train and pay again. The train would just shift track to southbound and will stop at the North Ave. station where passengers would load. This has been my daily routine to work because of the volume of fellow commuters at Cubao station, it would take me forever to arrive at the office. I have been late due to such situation. The thing is, I need to leave earlier so as to allot time I would piddle going to North Ave. But, I am deadsure that I will be arriving on time at Taft station. Also, I would also be getting nothing from the pushing and elbowing of the crowd. I would just sit, read a book and even nap during the trip. So far, so good until the MRT management changed the policy.

I’ll be saying goodbye to my 9 month complacent routine, tomorrow will be my last roundtrip. Effective on March 1, all turn backers will not be allowed anymore. Passengers should alight from the North station, exit from the platform, re enter and pay, and cross to the opposite station to ride the MRT southbound. It’s a hell lot of a hassle especially for those pregnant and commuters with children. Only the senior citizens, physically challenged and the blind are allowed to turn back. The first door of the MRT will be allotted for the commuters from the opposite station. Surely, seats won’t be enough and we won’t be spared of the pushing and constant elbowing. Well, that's the common thing in the MRT everyday.

I know that what the MRT management did is fair for them. Turning back should not be free. What’s the reason of commuter’s turning back? Ultimately, it’s a waste of time. But, it roots down to the slow turnover of passengers in the station that makes them opt to turn back and make sure that they would arrive early at their destination. I experienced missing 8 trains on my way to work. Every train that passed was too loaded. If only MRT service would be more efficient, passengers would surely wait up on the station for their turn. I just hope there would fixed intervals of skip trains.


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