Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Glutamax Gift Pack

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Monday afternoon, my cousin called me. She said (and I heard downstairs) that someone arrived and was looking for me. I was not surprised until I saw the messenger holding this.

Instantly, I knew what it's about. I signed the receiving papers and excitedly opened my pack. "Yehey" was running through my head.

still covered with plastic bubble wrap

and at last!

The gift pack was from Glutamax. It consists of two soaps, a deodorant and a lotion. Recently, I joined their contest, "The New Me", and the pack was my prize for submitting my entry early. I feel like I won already hehe. And oops, the contest will end a couple of weeks from now. The prizes are really great! Two of them are Macbook and a Trip for two to Hongkong. How I really wish to be one of the lucky winners. I hope, I hope =) Anyway, thanks Glutamax and Nuffnang ! More power!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Which planner?

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Yes, I know its a little late to actually think over for a planner. However, its not so late to have one for this year hehe. For the past three consecutive years, I preferred Starbucks Planner. Its not because it happened that I liked the designs for the past years. Instead, its just that I started with Starbucks so I'd rather collect their planners along the years. However, this year, I'm torn between Starbucks Planner and Belle de Jour Planner.

Starbucks Planner is practical for coffee addicts through which completing the stickers to get their planner were as easy as breeze for them. For a not-so-coffee-lover like me, buying it is only an added expense. I also do not like this year's design though it comes with discount coupons, I still won't buy it. Multiply sellers sell them for 1,000 pesos ($20) and even more. I'm saving money these days so I fancy Belle De Jour. =) Its more affordable, useful and stylish. It has a girl's personal touch complete with menstrual tracker, forget-me-not pad discount coupons, expenses tracker and even more functional pages. It surely fits every woman's needs. I'm definitely getting it! I think it is better planner for the year and lighter for my pocket. I can't wait to have it. The only thing is, Adrian insists that I buy Starbucks Planner. He enumerated his reasons and I was half convinced. Well I still have a day to think about it. Let's see who is going to win. =)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pet Society Items and Coins for Sale

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Are you looking for items to decorate your farm, your pet’s house or your restaurant? Seek no more! There is a website that will cater to all your Facebook application needs. It is your on-stop shop for Pet Society items and coins, Farmville cash and coins, Restaurant City and Country Story coins among others. Coins and items are for sale at affordable and reasonable prices
Payments can be made through Gcash, Paypal and BPI bank deposits. So hurry! Go gaga over items and coins now. Just visit

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My First Ukay Ukay Experience

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What commodities here in our country that have not increased in prices? With almost everything skyrocketing, Filipinos still try to budget their money for basic goods and at least salt away a few pesos for the future. (If only prices can be affected by earth’s gravity, then costs would never be a problem haha.)

Ukay ukay has been the haven to people who wants to satiate the fashionistas in them. Why buy something pricey when you can buy designer labels in discounted prices? However, there are still advantages when saving up for something.

Yesterday, I tagged along my bf at ukay ukay spots I have read here on the Internet. I have been curious on ukay ukay finds that I spent time reading confessions of ukay ukay addicts. I was prepared. I brought my 20 peso bills and coins so that I can haggle. They say you won’t get less on the tags with one thousand and five hundred pesos bills on hand. The only thing is, I look decent in my clothes. Would they give in my bargain? (We just came from an office. Hehe But, that did not stop us from going.)

Our first stop was at Cubao. They say a lot of ukay ukays are located at the Araneta Center. It took us some minutes to find Fashion Delite. As we entered, I felt an air of excitement. The adventure begins. Adrian even grumbled about the smell. It just didn’t mind. It’s tolerable anyway hehe. There are a lot of clothes at the racks. I looked at some and headed to find the bags. I was a little disappointed when I found nothing that interests me. Maybe the good ones were sold and new arrivals have not been made available. We did not linger that much and came across the shop’s neighbor which is Passerby Ukay Ukay. There were a lot of bags hung up. I felt like I have a headache while turning left to right, up and down as I browse through the bags. I saw Esprit, Guess, Gucci, Benetton bags among others. Prices start from 680 and up. I even saw LV’s. I liked the LV bag I saw. It looked like new but I doubted the authenticity. To answer the burning question on mind, I asked the saleslady. She said it was just Class A and the original bags are priced like 12 thousand and more. I was shocked. I thought I can buy an original LV bag at a little cost. (It was only a dream pala hehe) I did not dare look at the clothes from the racks. What I want was a bag, any designer bag that can fit my budget. I asked my Adrian for another try. We took the mrt and went at Iyaman Fashion House at Kamuning. My foot ached upon getting there. Just imagine, from GMA KAmuning Station, we walked just to get to Iyaman, its beside Chowking. It was a walkathon really while the sun was up on us. When we arrived, my spirits were low already. Adrian said chances are, I can’t find what I’m looking for. And yes, he’s right. The only designer bag I saw was LV. Three LV bags were displayed against the glass in front of the store. Prices were 3,800+ pesos. The other bags have no labels. Maybe, again, the good ones were bought already hehe.

I’m a little dismayed I bought nothing. Scoring on ukay ukay shops is like looking for a Yamashita Treasure. It calls for tons of patience. I admire ukay ukay addicts for their relentless hunt for fashion diamonds. Well, this is just the beginning; more ukay ukay experiences will come. I scheduled another ukay adventure next week. I'm looking forward for my first ukay ukay buy. =)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Look for the New Year

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Everyone seems to start the New Year with hope and determination to make things better. This is the best time of the year to get rid of the bad habits and improve one’s life. Who would not like to make this year right?



To compensate for the times my site has been like a barren land, I have begun a change in my blog. I grew bored looking at the old layout so I thought of designing a new one. Change is always fun right? I already lost track of how many times I had my blog a makeover hehehe.

Why the shade of pink? Well, it’s not my favorite color in the first place. It’s blue that I love. I just thought of picking something fresh and new to me. Who knows, the next day, my theme will be blue or even green? I also changed the favicon from an animated star to a heart. I always wanted my layout personalized since I have a not-so-little know-how on editing and HTML.

I love my new layout. I hope you will. =) Happy Blogging!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Highlights of my 2009

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So I'm back to blogging, at last. I missed a lot of posts. I think, I'll just have to summarize some of the events I have been through last year.

  • I took the IELTS exam and maybe out of luck or effort, I passed. =)
  • It was supposed to be the start of classes in Australia. But, I shifted course from Architecture to Commercial Cookery leaving me no time to enroll.
  • By the 12th, it was my birthday. I had two celebrations, one is at the restaurant with my family and the other, at home with my relatives.
  • The third week kicked off with a blast as I conquered my fear of job hunting.
  • I was qualified for a few job vacancies but did not pursue any of them as I was prioritizing my application for student visa.
  • I was confined at the hospital for 3 days due to excessive vomiting and diarrhea.
  • My father was rushed to the hospital. It was his choice due to his loss of appetite. Though his tummy gained size, he lost several pounds. I and my brother stayed with him at the hospital. Ascitis was the first diagnosis. Everyday, his body seem to deteriorate.
  • Since there was no wifi available at the hospital and my time to surf at home is very limited, I failed to keep my blog posted. My domain even expired. I got no time to renew my domain so I was forced to use blogspot's free hosting.
  • With nothing to do at the hospital, I spend time reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow, the last installment of HP.
  • I failed to visit my mother's grave because I stayed with my father at the hospital.This was the first time I spent the All Saint's Day at some place other than the cemetery.
  • On the 12th, my sister's baby, Kelsey, was born. It was almost the same night when Tatay was transferred at the ICU.
  • After nearly a month at the ICU (including a week at the ICU), by the 18th, my father died of multiple organ failure. He suffered from liver cirrhosis. Maybe this was the reason I was delayed for enrollment, so that I can spend time with my father during his struggle with his illness.
  • I have been busy completing requirements for my student visa. But then, I failed for the second time because of time and financial constraints. Sadly, I still have to wait for another six months.=(
  • By the 25th, I, my brother, together with my sister's family celebrated Christmas Eve at our house. It was the first time we had Christmas without both our mother and father. It was our saddest Christmas. Our only consolation is that, at least, my parents are together, somewhere.
  • On the 27th, it was the birthday of my mother and the 40th day of my father's death.

A lot has transpired during 2009. Losing and gaining, a part of everyone's life. Though I have been pained by the loss, I still thank God for the blessings he had given me last year. Its always a "hello and goodbye". Time passes, and so are years. I'm not losing hope and wishing that this year 2010 will be a better one. It should start with a better me. =)

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