Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Glutamax Gift Pack

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Monday afternoon, my cousin called me. She said (and I heard downstairs) that someone arrived and was looking for me. I was not surprised until I saw the messenger holding this.

Instantly, I knew what it's about. I signed the receiving papers and excitedly opened my pack. "Yehey" was running through my head.

still covered with plastic bubble wrap

and at last!

The gift pack was from Glutamax. It consists of two soaps, a deodorant and a lotion. Recently, I joined their contest, "The New Me", and the pack was my prize for submitting my entry early. I feel like I won already hehe. And oops, the contest will end a couple of weeks from now. The prizes are really great! Two of them are Macbook and a Trip for two to Hongkong. How I really wish to be one of the lucky winners. I hope, I hope =) Anyway, thanks Glutamax and Nuffnang ! More power!


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