Friday, December 16, 2011

Our First and Happy.. (Anniversary) at One Tagaytay Place

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After being broken and left behind last year, I was able to cope again. Only time heals everything and it blew so fast. I don't want to sound so in love, but I am. This would be first post that I would be talking about my boyfriend alone. Sounds too high school? Then let's call him my beau. Here is a rundown of how we started.

We became friends (through my ex), chatted almost everyday, shared a lot of each other's life stories, exchanged love and life advices, went out twice and before we know it, we fell.

The funny thing is that, we were both on the verge of liking someone before we turned out to be good friends. I even bought him a souvenir from my trip to Singapore to show my appreciation for our friendship. During his birthday, he treat me out. Neither of us gave meaning on the times we had fun with each other's company, at least not for me. Only my sister gave me suspicious antics about his intention. I never expected what we have would extend beyond friendship, really, considering a lot of differences.

Just say never and you'll see. This was my Facebook status a year and three days ago, when he confessed what he felt for me. I still felt just as happy today as we celebrate our first anniversary. He dropped by 1 am to fetch my things and after work we had dinner and went home. The next day, we went to Tagaytay with two of his friends, Gayle and Joseph.

At the hotel lobby

Rooms are equipped with veranda for a view of Taal Lake.

At the elevator with Gayle

Dinner at Josephine Restaurant. Its kind of pricey but a must try.

It was so rainy and cold outside, no need to turn on the aircon at the car.

Buffet breakfast

Still foggy the next morning. We saw only a portion of Taal Lake from our room due to the thick fog that obstructs the view.

It was all blowy at the lower penthouse. We did not dare swim at the pool.

We were unable to get outside during our stay, not even at the Picnic Grove. The gloomy weather made us lazy to get out. Nevertheless, we still enjoyed our stay. We stayed in two connecting deluxe rooms for only Php 3,200.00 for each room with buffet breakfast for two. Its worth every penny and we saved a lot, more than a half since published rate for a deluxe room is Php 6,800.00.

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