Monday, June 30, 2008

Confessions of a Renounced Gamer

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It’s been roughly a month now since I started blogging. I was a gamer then. Yes, a gamer who’s been awfully addicted to online games. A gamer who aims to have the strongest character ever created. I rarely sleep early, barely eat my meals on time and in right amount and hardly had the time to spare on dynamic stuffs. Until, I woke up one day, realizing how much time and sweat I have invested and gained on nothing but aches on my head. For quite some time, I gained friends online, virtual friends as I may call them. They are nice and trustworthy. But their existence is limited only to the online world. Just like me, as time flew by, their characters died its natural death. Just like me, they have realized that the addiction we are facing may likely be a dilemma in the future. Playing for entertainment is reasonable. However, letting it control your time, life and money to the point that you lose yourself and your dreams is worst. There is more to life than gaming.
Upon my search for a wiser way of using my precious time, I have resulted to blogging. Here I am, blogging, enjoying and continuously learning. I am growing to love my blog though writing is not really my interest. I like to write but, at times writing does not seem to like me. (laughs) And yet, it is not too late to relinquish. I will do whatever it takes to keep this blog active. If I had been addicted to games, why not be addicted to blog? (I am pining for another titleBlinkie Text Generator at Yes it does require some effort but, the results will be a lot different and better.
I, like any of us, has only 24 hours a day to live, but, it is up to us on how to spend every second of it. Play, learn, travel, and sleep, it is all dependent on us on what to do. What we are trying to be today is also what we are going to be in the future. Let us use our time wisely and invest on things that we believe to yield the best possible results. Have a productive day ahead!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Pound for Pound King’s Victory

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It was yet another pride for the Filipino people as Manny took his 4th world record in different weight classes and triumphed over his Mexican contender, David Diaz, today in his match, “Lethal Combination” held at Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas.
Manny for the mean time, set aside his prowess and accolade, focusing more on what the Filipino people as well as his global fans are expecting of him. “It’s really a big honor for me and my country to be part of boxing history,” he said. “This is not just for me but for the Filipino people.”
Though being the first Asian boxer to hold several world titles, Manny was never been confident with any of his fights. He knew perfectly well the extreme cautions he has to take in every duel. “Losing is not an option,” he said.
Hats off to our new WBC lightweight champion!


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I toss and turn, I can't sleep at night
I just watch as the darkness turns to light
Haven't been able to sleep for days
Thinking and praying to find ways

Answers to problems that remain unsolved
Hoping that ideas would soon evolve

But nights remain endless, the days are so long
Oh God, please guide me and help me be strong
My mind so is troubled, my eyes filled with tears
When will I ever get rid of these fears?

My hands start to blend, my heart aches with pain
How many more days til I go insane?
I wonder how you are doing
Have you seen someone to keep you going?

I love you, for the last time
I know everything will still be fine
Tell me if I'll let you go
If that's what you want me to do so

Just tell me you love me no more
From then on, I shall leave you alone
Free from my insufficiencies,
Free from my uncertainties...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dreading Dengue Disease

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Along with the cold rush of the rainy season this month and start of the school year is the thumping of the dreading disease, dengue. It is the most common illness this time of year especially in tropical countries like ours.
Our neighboring barrio, which was a kilometer away, was said to be on alert for the skyrocketing number of dengue incidents. It was even televised on Imbestigador, a weekly show on GMA 7. The disease is transmitted to the humans by a particular species of mosquitoes, the Aedes Aegypti. The mere bite of it transmits viruses. Some of its reported symptoms are rapid development of fever, intense headache and joint and muscular pains. Rashes develop on the skin several days after the beginning of the fever.

Here are some preventive measures:

  • Use mosquito repellents on skin and clothing.
  • When outdoors, during times that mosquitoes are biting, wear long-sleeved shirts and pajamas.
  • When indoors, stay in screened areas. Use mosquito nets if sleeping areas are not screened.
  • Clean your house to eliminate possible feeding ground of the mosquitoes most especially on standing waters

Monday, June 23, 2008

Theft in our home

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Yesterday was not the usual Sunday. It was a freezing, rainy and gloomy day for the family especially for my aunt. I live with her together with her two grandchildren. Our neighbors are also our relatives, my cousins. Unluckily, she lost eight thousand pesos (about $200) in our house. It was the only money left to her for everyday needs. Unfortunately, she also allotted that money for the expenses to till her farm this coming crop season. Tears filled her eyes the very thought her money was gone. Her money was kept inside her closet, contained in the pocket of her dress. The last time she checked it, the pocket was already empty. Who would have stole it? Who was in dire need who mercilessly took it all away? We are clueless.
A month ago, a similar incident happened. It was my money that was lost. It was placed in my bag, same house, and same room as with my aunt. What intrigues us is the fact that only a part of my money was stolen. It was a small amount of money compared to what was left. I informed every family member about and yet no action was done. Maybe it was misplaced, as everyone judged it, we charged it to experience.
After what had happened yesterday, we realized how alarming it has become. Imagine losing your money in your own house. It might have been better if you were holdapped, at least you knew who took it away and it can never be returned anymore.
Who might have got it? We do not know. It is awful to pinpoint others especially when the possible suspects are the members of the family. The culprit? Still a mystery that remains unsolved.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mushy, Blowy Sunday

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You've always wanted to take pictures,
snapshot mementos of rich experiences
encased in white frames
that I would rather keep in my head.
And you argued,
memories might fail you.
While photographs hold the power
to freeze time in a snap of your shutter.
How I wish that emotions
could be frozen like your pictures.
My memory does not fail me,
and I remember completely

All the things, time and places,
even the empty spaces,
conveniently framed in your photos --
creating nostalgia
While I stare at the pictures you've taken
and ironically left behind
when you vaguely mumbled
your goodbye.<3

Saturday, June 21, 2008

8 reasons why I love the Internet

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The Internet has been around for years and with a very good reason, everything you need can be clicks away.
I have listed eight reasons why I have grown to love the Internet. Who knows, you’ll end up coming up with a hundred other reasons of your own.

Indispensable source of wisdom – Home of knowledge, the Internet is a faster medium for researches every student and even professionals need for their undying quest for learning. Goodbye to the conventional way of spending hours in the library, scanning
for books just for a single topic. The Internet is a collection of books, newspapers, magazines, essays and other references combined into one.

Notably a job finder – Not only newspapers can provide jobs listings here and in abroad. With the advent of the Internet, one can easily look for job vacancies and can conveniently pass his/her resume online. There is no hassle of getting into the company to hand over the application. The Internet does it for you.

Travel Specialist – Many people love to travel especially now that reservation on hotels and flights can be done simply. Hassle-free and effective methods have been carefully made to fit the needs of the tourists. The Internet shows the best destinations around the globe.

Enthralling mall for everyone – As I have discussed earlier at my post “Online Shopping”, the Internet has opened its doors for online buying and selling. You can have whatever you want to acquire, hottest make-ups, stylish couches and other finds. Name it, the Internet has it.

Really a business center – An office, away from the office. The Internet has been the subsequent office of many businesses globally where virtual clients meet up. It is a means of advertising and selling any business. The Internet has been and continues to be a source of income.

News center – Who would have thought distant countries can possibly be clicks away? News can be disseminated as effortless as it could be. Though international newspapers are in, the Internet has been the access of many to keep posted with the world news. Infinite news and articles of diverse genres are made available for the surfers.

Entertainment Delight – Music, movies and games are definitely the resorts in piddling time away. All of these stuffs in one remarkable source, the Internet. Amazing right? Not only you can be informed with the intriguing Hollywood buzzes but also be aware of the upcoming albums and definitely the latest movies.

Truly friend fanatic – The Internet keeps us connected. It has made our countries as borderless as it could be. We, people of different culture and races can interact even without personal gathering. Concrete examples are those social networking that links people together. Also, through chat, people can exchange ideas in real time and even see each other through webcams.

With all these online, the Internet is something we really have to be thankful of. Happy Surfing!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Urduja; every Filipino’s Pride

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"Urduja," the first-ever Pinoy-made, full-length animated film is soon to hit the theaters on Wednesday, June 18. A first in the Philippine history, Urduja is a proof that we, Filipinos, are creative enough to be at par with international films. The film was created by an all-Filipino group of animators and was dubbed by the country’s finest artists. This film is something that we Filipinos can truly be proud of. If we can support international films, why not do it with our own? It’s high time that we support our own flick and say, "we're proud to be Pinoy!"

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Job Hunt Preparations

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Hello June! Another school year has begun. Vacation has ended. This is the usual cycle of the students. They attend classes from June until March and spend the cool summer vacation from April until May. But this is something new to me. Goodbye to my student life. I have graduated and my primary goal is to hunt a good job. Here I have listed my plans:

1. Make the most out of the summer vacation. I was exhausted by the recent practicum I attended. I needed something to replenish my energy plus the drive to start my career. This summer I spent with my family swimming, bonding, bonding and more bonding! After this vacation, I may not have ample to pamper myself due to unpredicted work schedule.
2.Plan for my career. Although I graduated as an HRM, I am still undecided if I will serve my role in the hospitality industry. I can barely accept that I have to go to work even at holidays and weekends in which hospitality income strikes the most. I was used to having much of my time gadding about the malls and staying home. But, concerning my career, I may not have the liberty of time anymore. If I were to work at BPO’s, shifts are usually during graveyard. If I were to work at offices like banks, I am most likely to appreciate work hours, 8am to 5pm work shift plus day offs during the weekends especially on holidays. My last resorts are having my own business or take my MBA. Both sounds cool. But, whichever road I decided to travel, I will accept the corresponding sacrifices I have to go through.
3.Have a makeover. Job seeking is not just a walk at the park. I know it would be a stiffer journey than just doing projects way back my student days. It would really be a different experience in which my campus becomes the world and my classroom becomes the company I may be hired. Look good; feel good, as they say, first impression counts the most. I might as well prepare myself and undergo a makeover but also with my personality to create a good impression.
4.Adjust my daily routine. My first pace is to regulate my sleeping habits. I will sleep at 10pm until 6am. I heard that was the best time for sleep. Eight hours is perfectly long enough for rest. Then, minimize my unproductive habits such at playing online games and watching tv. Instead, spend more hours on blogging and reading. I have learned to love my blog. My blog is me. It mirrors myelf and I definitely love the way I live my life though I make mistakes, I do my utmost effort o correct them and be better.
5.Walk the talk. These plans were made to be my motivation and guide through my career. I will do whatever it takes to fulfill my dreams. Promise!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Online Shopping

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Tired of strolling at the malls looking for your fashion finds? Irritated of the rushing crowd during mall sale events? Avoid these hassles and let your fingertips do the shopping.
Online shopping has been the revolutionary means of buying items using the internet as the primary tool. Many clothing brands are using the Internet not only to advertise but to sell their products as well. Clothes are displayed at varied angles and colors for a more careful look. Models carry the clothes to show how they actually fit on the body. Multiply accounts have been the common room for online shopping (just as I have observed). Multiply users can easily access their page. With links and clicks, you can select from the wide range of fashion apparels from jeans to dresses, from flip flops to bags just like you favorite boutique has. Not only they are fashionable, they are also affordable.
Some of the online boutiques I have just looked through were:

To order for products, you have to fill up the other form made available at each online boutique page. Personal details such as name, contact number, e-mail address and the like are required depending upon the information they need. Ordering is subjected to some terms and conditions such as no return, no exchange policy, reserved items are considered sold and shipping expenses are shouldered by the buyers. Worrying about your size? Save the bother because they have formulated fitting guides to match your vital statistics. Others still arrange for meet ups to get your measurement for a customized size of clothes.

In terms of payment, transactions have been made convenient through either G-cash or bank deposits and can be delivered in front of your doorstep through couriers. Products can also be acquired through meet-ups on a cash-on-delivery basis.

Shopping has never been this easy especially now that our fast paced fashion keeps on innovating. Be "in". Enjoy shopping!

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