Monday, June 23, 2008

Theft in our home

Posted by Alei at 6/23/2008
Yesterday was not the usual Sunday. It was a freezing, rainy and gloomy day for the family especially for my aunt. I live with her together with her two grandchildren. Our neighbors are also our relatives, my cousins. Unluckily, she lost eight thousand pesos (about $200) in our house. It was the only money left to her for everyday needs. Unfortunately, she also allotted that money for the expenses to till her farm this coming crop season. Tears filled her eyes the very thought her money was gone. Her money was kept inside her closet, contained in the pocket of her dress. The last time she checked it, the pocket was already empty. Who would have stole it? Who was in dire need who mercilessly took it all away? We are clueless.
A month ago, a similar incident happened. It was my money that was lost. It was placed in my bag, same house, and same room as with my aunt. What intrigues us is the fact that only a part of my money was stolen. It was a small amount of money compared to what was left. I informed every family member about and yet no action was done. Maybe it was misplaced, as everyone judged it, we charged it to experience.
After what had happened yesterday, we realized how alarming it has become. Imagine losing your money in your own house. It might have been better if you were holdapped, at least you knew who took it away and it can never be returned anymore.
Who might have got it? We do not know. It is awful to pinpoint others especially when the possible suspects are the members of the family. The culprit? Still a mystery that remains unsolved.

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Lizeth on Sat Jun 28, 12:31:00 PM 2008 said...

oh my!

that's sad and scary!


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