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8 reasons why I love the Internet

Posted by Alei at 6/21/2008
The Internet has been around for years and with a very good reason, everything you need can be clicks away.
I have listed eight reasons why I have grown to love the Internet. Who knows, you’ll end up coming up with a hundred other reasons of your own.

Indispensable source of wisdom – Home of knowledge, the Internet is a faster medium for researches every student and even professionals need for their undying quest for learning. Goodbye to the conventional way of spending hours in the library, scanning
for books just for a single topic. The Internet is a collection of books, newspapers, magazines, essays and other references combined into one.

Notably a job finder – Not only newspapers can provide jobs listings here and in abroad. With the advent of the Internet, one can easily look for job vacancies and can conveniently pass his/her resume online. There is no hassle of getting into the company to hand over the application. The Internet does it for you.

Travel Specialist – Many people love to travel especially now that reservation on hotels and flights can be done simply. Hassle-free and effective methods have been carefully made to fit the needs of the tourists. The Internet shows the best destinations around the globe.

Enthralling mall for everyone – As I have discussed earlier at my post “Online Shopping”, the Internet has opened its doors for online buying and selling. You can have whatever you want to acquire, hottest make-ups, stylish couches and other finds. Name it, the Internet has it.

Really a business center – An office, away from the office. The Internet has been the subsequent office of many businesses globally where virtual clients meet up. It is a means of advertising and selling any business. The Internet has been and continues to be a source of income.

News center – Who would have thought distant countries can possibly be clicks away? News can be disseminated as effortless as it could be. Though international newspapers are in, the Internet has been the access of many to keep posted with the world news. Infinite news and articles of diverse genres are made available for the surfers.

Entertainment Delight – Music, movies and games are definitely the resorts in piddling time away. All of these stuffs in one remarkable source, the Internet. Amazing right? Not only you can be informed with the intriguing Hollywood buzzes but also be aware of the upcoming albums and definitely the latest movies.

Truly friend fanatic – The Internet keeps us connected. It has made our countries as borderless as it could be. We, people of different culture and races can interact even without personal gathering. Concrete examples are those social networking that links people together. Also, through chat, people can exchange ideas in real time and even see each other through webcams.

With all these online, the Internet is something we really have to be thankful of. Happy Surfing!

2 comments on "8 reasons why I love the Internet"

Lizeth on Sun Jun 22, 01:29:00 PM 2008 said...

thanks for adding me, i added you on mine tooÜ

i love the internet!

it keeps the friendships alive, makes communication so much easier, source of really interesting stuff and it helps me with travel and keeping in touch with my boyfriend.Ü

virtue on Sat Jun 28, 09:21:00 PM 2008 said...

nice article..
i love internet too :)


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