Thursday, February 17, 2011

Teriyaki Boy Gateway Branch

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We were supposed to eat at Red Crab last Saturday but their buffet promo ended already which made us settle for Teriyaki Boy instead.

Just as always, I let my bf pick the foods for us. He's a connoisseur of restaurants haha. Here's what we ordered.

Chashu Ramen - 150 (Regular)
(It is served with roast pork slices or chashu, Japanese fish cakes or kamaboko, hardboiled egg, nori strips and bokchoy or pechay. Pour in a Japanses teapot of shoyu, a light Japaneses soy and pork-based broth with a hint of ginger and seaweed or konbou.

Suki Beef Teppan Don - 160
This was what my bf ordered for himself. The beef is so tender. The rice felt slimy because of the raw egg yolk. It was delicious nevertheless.

Katsudon - 160

Ika Fry - 150

California Roll - 125
I so love their roll! Usually, when we eat, I would haggle with my bf so he would eat more of the food I don't like so much. But, in this case, I was able to eat half of the serving. Good thing, there was no cucumber(as I don't eat it). The rice is incomparable from the other two maki rolls I have tasted in other restaurants. It was superb. :)

For the drinks, we ordered bottomless iced tea. We were glad that their service is good. They were aware when our glasses needed to be refilled already. Thumbs up! The only thing I would complain was the ventilation. It was warm. Or maybe, it was just because we where beside the window and the sun is at its peak that noon time. ;)

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