Monday, February 23, 2009

Just an update

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It’s nice to be back haha. My Internet connection is blameworthy of my absence during the last few days. I lost connection without knowing what really the problem is. I phoned the operators to resolve it but to my dismay, they were of no help. They answered the same old scripted lines I grew tired of hearing every time my connection is interrupted. Sigh. Though they have plenty of subscribers, their service haven't improved yet.

Instead of ranting all day, I made use of my time. =) Out of boredom, I made buttons linked to the blogs I usually visit through Photoshop. Originally, I got the idea from Tack. I asked her if I can imitate them. It wasn't a big deal for her and she told me I should not have asked. hehe Blogrolling has been down for quite a long time now so I settled for the option.

I am not yet done with all the buttons. Just tell me if you want one. The links can be seen at the sidebar in random order. How do you like them?=)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Template (Again?)

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Have you thought you arrived at the wrong blog? Oooops. That’s a big NO. =) Of course you didn’t. If you are a constant visitor of my blog, you may have notice the change. I got my blog a new template last night. I love tweaking and changing templates because I easily get bored of seeing the same colors every time. I had my previous template running for more than a couple months so I decided to have another.

What motivated me more to change my template is the fact that I cannot incorporate the leaderboard and large rectangle ads of Nuffnang on my previous template. I have tried a quite few number of templates but none of them fitted. With a deep sense of gratification, I found this template. Yey! Finally I was able to put three Nuffnang ad units. =)

I modified some of this template’s original codes, changed its background and made my own header through Photoshop (which is just temporary because I will be soon replacing it with a gif header). I also put a back-to-top icon at the bottom. =) I am getting used to these html codes stuff. I am loving my new template. It may not be the grandest in the blogosphere but I am a tad proud I customized it.

Thank you Pastilan and Lainy for welcoming my blog’s new look. It just shows you have been visiting my blog often enough to notice the difference.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

How was your Valentines Day?

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Mine was uneventful. I stayed at home the whole day. Adrian came from school and dropped by the house. He surprised me with a bouquet of flowers and a “Confessions of a Shopaholic book.” I was just as happy even I expected that he has something to give because he compensates for not texting during the morning.hehe I already knew he was up to something. He’s waiting for me to storm off and at the end of the day, flatter me through his surprise.

We did not go out for a date. Malls will surely be packed with couples celebrating the love day. We decided to push through ours some other time since we have enough time.

For now I’ll start reading my new book. I hope you all had a great Valentines!

Friday, February 13, 2009

My Shopaholic Confession

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Hi! My name is Riel and I'm a shopaholic!

What could be the best way to alleviate stress and reward efforts? Nothing beats shopping as the greatest therapy and treat. Way back college, I and my friends were constant mall hoppers finding the latest fashion trends and breaking free from toilsome school work. We kept ourselves updated with every mall-wide sales.
A week never passes without a single addition to our closets.

Back then, as a student, I have no enough money to spare. I also have no credit card to swipe my bills on. I have limited resources to satisfy the craving shopaholic in me. Without the means, I would just tell myself that there is always the “next time” to buy the clothes I am fascinated of. I tried to hoard a certain portion of my allowance to afford the price but I always end up buying the not-much-of-my-type outfit because what I have settled for was bought already. With my just-enough-for-food-and-project-allowance, saving took me almost forever. I came from a middle-class family so I never dared to ask a higher allowance. My simple technique, save, save and save more until mall price-off events to cater to my shopping needs.

A month before our college graduation, I was given a refund. It was half of the amount I paid in my tuition for three semesters. I was qualified as a Dean’s Lister. What a reward! I thought our school administrators were shopping gods who answered my prayers. Armed with the unexpected moola I got, I rushed to the mall excitedly and had my ultimate shopping experience. I raided the boutiques for fashion goodies. I bought myself a digicam for my advance graduation gift. I am not that techie but I needed it to capture my graduation moments. I also bought few blouses and jeans for my wardrobe. I also bought Adrian his PSP for his late Christmas gift. Retail therapy has never been that easy considering that I was a student. It was very rewarding experience indeed, having almost anything I wanted. If shopping were a crime, I might have been behind bars then. I went home with a handful of shopping bags, my feet aching, my stash almost drained but it was incomparable to the different swell of fulfillment I felt.=)

The must-see movie for every shopaholic, "Confessions of a Shopaholic will be hitting the theaters soon. Catch “Confessions of a Shopaholic” in Cinemas on February 18, 2009!

Friday, February 6, 2009

A terrible day!

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Why the heck do certain practices still exist in our government today?

I am still infuriated until now. My day was really terrible. Sigh. I’ll
try to calm down. Here’s the story.

I and Adrian went to apply for NBI clearance this morning. We were told that it starts 8:00 a.m.
so we decided to get into the place as early as 7:30. Only a couple municipal employees were in the entrance by then. They told us to come back by 8 a.m. We ate and killed time until 8am. Thirty minutes was not long enough to wait. When we returned, we were given f0rms to fill up. We saw a group of applicants waiting outside. We sat beside them as we waited. Time ticked.

Applicants arrived by batches. The number of people lined up for the application was larger. The pile of application forms was thicker. I was getting impatient by then. Imagine, two hours of waiting. Does it really have to take that long to submit an application? What instantly fueled my burning intolerance was that, I saw this guy, oh, he’s a gay, shuffling the neatly piled application forms on the table. He was rearranging it in the manner that it favors those people who came late. I saw him eyeing the men seated beside us. He was reasoning that he was reordering it for those who came early. Oh crap!
Obviously, he said nothing but an alibi. In the first place, we came earlier than them and when we arrived, he, that gay jerk, was not even in the office yet. Disgusting! It was getting in to my nerves. He kept on insisting to rearrange the stack of forms while asking the names of those individuals near to him.
With difficulty making her way through the crowd, the NBI representative finally came. Oh Filipino time. Her presence did not pacify me. She started calling the names of those on top of the pile. As expected, those who arrived late were entertained first. What an irony. Irate as I was with that stupid faced, I approached the municipal employee in front of me. Though I was fuming with rage, I tried to ask politely and calmly,

Tita, may palakasan ba dito?” (Do you tolerate backer's system here?) I know my voice was shaking. I can’t perfectly control the burst of emotions. I wanted to cry, I wanted to yell at her for her apathy.

She said “
Wala naman. Bakit?” (No we don't. Why?)

I said, “
Kanina pa kami 7:30 dumating pero nauna pa sila sa min. " (We were here as early as 7:30 am but then they were attended first than us.

She replied “
Mag intay n lng kayo” (Just wait for your turn)

Kanina pa po kami naghihintay. Dapat po kse sinunod na lang ung number d2 s form", (We have waited long enough. The numbers here in the form should have been used to make the process systematic) then I pointed a blank form on the table.

She answered "
Di naman kse yan sunod sunod eh, umupo n lang kayo diyan at maghintay na lang." (Those forms are not in order. Just sit there and wait for your turn.)

She was annoyed with my query. I felt helpless and turned back to my seat. What a system, unorganized, unsystematic. Aren’t she not supposed to do anything? I loathed them. I have never been that assertive in my whole life. But, who’s to blame? If she was in my shoes she would definitely be heated with that kind of unfairness. I won’t settle for anything less than what I deserve and what I know is right.
I even saw her colleague talked to that gay to arrange the pile again for her friend seated beside me, who, obviously, just came in. Dang! So where was that no "backer’s system" she was talking about?

Adrian was also irate.
He was about to call Kuya Edwin when the man in blue, who gave us the forms this morning, drew near to us. He was surprised when he saw us. He asked why we were still waiting for our turn when he was well aware that we came ahead of time this morning. I and Adrian both spoke of our resentment. We told him that the latecomers cut into the line and they did nothing but tolerate it. Another man who came backed up and claimed that he saw our early arrival. He said he already left and came and yet we were still in queue. How could that be? The uproar started. The man in blue, shouted to tell those involved to assist us. He yelled tirades to that irresponsible gay and accused him of being biased. Well, he obviously, he was. He called Adrian to look after our forms from the pile and put it on top. The employee I talked to helped in sorting out our forms. What happened to her lack of concern? Did she realized how unjust she was?

I was thankful to the Good Samaritans. I am glad they still exists in our modern today. I was half relieved until my turn. I don’t care how the crowd thinks about me. I don’t give a damn on what that gay might say about me. I fought for what is right. I played fair and wanted to be treated fair in return. Was that too much to ask though? When we departed, we thanked the man in blue. I was pleased I won’t see that gay’s face for now, because I will be returning next week to claim our clearance.

My afternoon was already wretched. I and Adrian were still out of mood. We chilled out at the mall. Good thing I have a blog to express my angst on. I also shared my aunt of the terrible event. The morale I learned, never be hesitant and afraid to stand up for what is right and what is due.

Sorry for this post. I just can't let this awful experience pass.

photo from istockphoto

Monday, February 2, 2009

Girls' night out

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I was so exultant I got the chance to meet my friends They were my college budd
ies, my partners in crime especially in school haha.. I miss them so much. . I miss the times when we just hang out in school chit chatting or gadabout the mall for shopping. After graduation, we barely had the time to see each other. I can not remember how many plans we had put of due to unavoidable factors like schedule and location. I do not have a problem with both since I am just bumming around at home.

It was nearly a weekend when my friend, Jen, told me that she had set a meet up with Khaye and Kat. I said yes and agreed to meet them at 4:30 that coming Saturday.I tagged along Adrian and Janus at Trinoma. I was a little late. Both of them came from school which was an easy ride to the mall compare to where I came from which was here in Bulacan. We went for a stroll as we wait for my girls. I know from the get-go that they will be late. These girls never arrived in time hehe. Jen arrived at 6 p.m. along with her bf, Allen. I was hungry by then. We ate and chatted at Krokodile Grill while waiting for Khaye. She was supposed to be out from work by past 6 so she decided to meet us up at Tomas Morato. We were full already when we went at Friday’s Tomas Morato. Khaye and Cathy were already there having drinks. Kat, who was working there, was surprised to see us. She wasn’t informed that we were dropping by to visit her. She looked for Rai and Jill who, unfortunately, didn’t make it. It was long since our last reunion and it was the perfect time to catch up with our lives. We agreed to party some other time. =)

Our get together will not be complete without these pictures:Jen and Riel
Allen, Jen, me, Adrian, Janus

Khaye, Jen, Kat, me

Khaye and Jen with Allen's hand hehe

Cathy, Khaye, Jen and me

Adrian, Riel, Cathy, Khaye, Kat, Jen and Allen

(Good thing they don't know my blog exists, they might kill me for posting their pics haha)


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