Friday, February 13, 2009

My Shopaholic Confession

Posted by Alei at 2/13/2009

Hi! My name is Riel and I'm a shopaholic!

What could be the best way to alleviate stress and reward efforts? Nothing beats shopping as the greatest therapy and treat. Way back college, I and my friends were constant mall hoppers finding the latest fashion trends and breaking free from toilsome school work. We kept ourselves updated with every mall-wide sales.
A week never passes without a single addition to our closets.

Back then, as a student, I have no enough money to spare. I also have no credit card to swipe my bills on. I have limited resources to satisfy the craving shopaholic in me. Without the means, I would just tell myself that there is always the “next time” to buy the clothes I am fascinated of. I tried to hoard a certain portion of my allowance to afford the price but I always end up buying the not-much-of-my-type outfit because what I have settled for was bought already. With my just-enough-for-food-and-project-allowance, saving took me almost forever. I came from a middle-class family so I never dared to ask a higher allowance. My simple technique, save, save and save more until mall price-off events to cater to my shopping needs.

A month before our college graduation, I was given a refund. It was half of the amount I paid in my tuition for three semesters. I was qualified as a Dean’s Lister. What a reward! I thought our school administrators were shopping gods who answered my prayers. Armed with the unexpected moola I got, I rushed to the mall excitedly and had my ultimate shopping experience. I raided the boutiques for fashion goodies. I bought myself a digicam for my advance graduation gift. I am not that techie but I needed it to capture my graduation moments. I also bought few blouses and jeans for my wardrobe. I also bought Adrian his PSP for his late Christmas gift. Retail therapy has never been that easy considering that I was a student. It was very rewarding experience indeed, having almost anything I wanted. If shopping were a crime, I might have been behind bars then. I went home with a handful of shopping bags, my feet aching, my stash almost drained but it was incomparable to the different swell of fulfillment I felt.=)

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caryn on Wed Mar 11, 02:10:00 PM 2009 said...

hahaha! congrats to you! that was an amazing windfall you had ;-) i totally agree, there's nothing like shopping to lift one's if only i could get my hubby to agree. hahhaah!


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