Monday, February 2, 2009

Girls' night out

Posted by Alei at 2/02/2009

I was so exultant I got the chance to meet my friends They were my college budd
ies, my partners in crime especially in school haha.. I miss them so much. . I miss the times when we just hang out in school chit chatting or gadabout the mall for shopping. After graduation, we barely had the time to see each other. I can not remember how many plans we had put of due to unavoidable factors like schedule and location. I do not have a problem with both since I am just bumming around at home.

It was nearly a weekend when my friend, Jen, told me that she had set a meet up with Khaye and Kat. I said yes and agreed to meet them at 4:30 that coming Saturday.I tagged along Adrian and Janus at Trinoma. I was a little late. Both of them came from school which was an easy ride to the mall compare to where I came from which was here in Bulacan. We went for a stroll as we wait for my girls. I know from the get-go that they will be late. These girls never arrived in time hehe. Jen arrived at 6 p.m. along with her bf, Allen. I was hungry by then. We ate and chatted at Krokodile Grill while waiting for Khaye. She was supposed to be out from work by past 6 so she decided to meet us up at Tomas Morato. We were full already when we went at Friday’s Tomas Morato. Khaye and Cathy were already there having drinks. Kat, who was working there, was surprised to see us. She wasn’t informed that we were dropping by to visit her. She looked for Rai and Jill who, unfortunately, didn’t make it. It was long since our last reunion and it was the perfect time to catch up with our lives. We agreed to party some other time. =)

Our get together will not be complete without these pictures:Jen and Riel
Allen, Jen, me, Adrian, Janus

Khaye, Jen, Kat, me

Khaye and Jen with Allen's hand hehe

Cathy, Khaye, Jen and me

Adrian, Riel, Cathy, Khaye, Kat, Jen and Allen

(Good thing they don't know my blog exists, they might kill me for posting their pics haha)

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hello pretty ladies!


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