Saturday, August 30, 2008

Candy colored jeans anyone?

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Tired and bored of your usual denim jeans? Stay fashionable and jazz up your closet with yet another trend of bright colorful skinny pants. I can relate its colors to candies, yummy and sweet. I am not actually a maniac when it comes to fashion. But whenever there is something latest and auspiciously matches my simple taste, I would most likely give it a try.

I bought green colored jeans. My cousin commented that it was overly bright for the eyes. I reckon it was not so bright. Perhaps it was just few and far between our commonly used regular pair of jeans that is why she gave that opinion. Instead, I find it hip and simple as I harmonize it with a plain white blouse, green flip flops and a headband.

Paint the town red, green, blue, pink, yellow or any color you want. Try one now and get that preppy look. =)

photo colored jeans

Friday, August 29, 2008

Corrupted memory

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Aargh! Not even a single photo or a song was left in my gallery and track list. All pictures vanished instantly. Later I discovered my memory card was corrupted. I have no I idea on how it exactly happened. However, the memory card details still remained occupied with files. And yet I can not open them anymore. Sigh. There were about 400 photos stored in my memory card in addition to my favorite songs I keep. Too bad I have no back up copies. Is there in any way can I retrieve them? =(

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Relive your moments with Roxio

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I have always wanted to take pictures, snapshot mementos of rich experiences I have been through. Though I can not encase them all in frames, they deserved to be kept in my head. Just when I thought of having them in a photoshow with special effects such as captions, background music and splendid styles, I came across Roxio online. I gave it a try and the result it awesome! I used our pictures last summer. We had swimming with my cousins. It was so fun having us together on that night so I settled on to give it a makeover. My pictures might not be in photo albums but, I can view them instantly, hassle free with special effects that would relive the memories those times. I might as well share this photoshow with my cousins.Thanks to Roxio! May this inspire you to make your own. Be your own director of your photoshow.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I am underweight

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Slim and sexy, two adjectives they frequently use to describe my body built. Two words that confuse me if those were criticism or plain compliment. With a height of 5’3” and a weight of 99 lbs., I admit I am underweight. I never gained enough weight ideal for my age and height. Some says I’m sexy having no bulging stomach but some curves to flaunt. Some even says I’m skinny because of my slender arms and legs.

I love to eat. I make sure that I eat more than enough amount of food I usually consume everyday. I even tried to eat rice four times a day apart from heavy snacks. However, though these habits were considered adequate, I still had no chance to even hit a hundred pounds on the weighing scale. Was it my metabolism that I should point my finger at?

Recently, I came across a commercial ad, Appeton Weight Gain. It is a high protein milk product fortified with vitamins and minerals that helps in gaining the required weight. Albeit its price costs pretty much, I settled on to give it a try. I am required to drink it three times a day, an hour after every meal. Actually, today is my day three. =) I am pining for the next two months to come. Let’s see how it would work.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Flip Flops Fanatic

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I am an avid aficionado of flip flops, cute, comfortable and posh they are. I was never used to wear shoes except when some occasions require for it. I am thankful that gone are those days that I have to wear two inches shoes as I stride off to school. Gone are those days that I have to hold back the pain as I exert all my effort walking through the lofty stairs to hurry for our classes. Gone are those times that I caught my head up at the ceiling of the jeepney as I get on and off it. Those were the times I was really reluctant to wear high-heeled shoes. Feminine and classy they may seem, but it terribly hurts my feet. Good thing, goodbye to those sorrowful days. What a relief.

When going out, I prefer to wear flip flops. I love it when I can wiggle my toes after a long exhausting walk. The most sought-after flip flops today are the famous Havaianas. Almost everybody loves it regardless of age and gender. It creates a buzz among the fanatics every time new designs are available. Who would have thought these hip pairs would perfectly make a fashion statement? I own a few pairs, but as I recall how much does each cost, I swear not to buy ever again. Despite this in mind, just last week, as I visited the boutique, I can’t help but be tempted with the array of latest designs. The mania started again. Adrian fished out money from his wallet and bought the new pair. It was yet another addition to my fascination.

I can still hark back to what my friend told me before. He said my pairs would be forever jealous with the newer ones I bought haha. Who says its a sin to have more than one pair? I think there is nothing wrong with buying those slippers. It’s just that the reality is that less fortunate people walk bare foot on the streets, having no money to spare with common slippers. And yet I spend this much for my flip flops. I felt a tinge of guilt and regret. Lucky enough, I, like you, do not share the same fate with them. I realized I should limit myself from lavishness and learn to value every cent I spend. In the first place, I am still unemployed. What I have today may not be what I have in the future. Good things never last.

Friday, August 22, 2008

He has it

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I was about to pay for an item yesterday and asked Adrian for money. He fished out money from his pocket, a 100 peso bill. Instead of handing it to me, he kept it back in his pocket. I wondered why. Then later, he showed it to me. It was indeed the 100 peso bill collector’s item from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. Along with the commemoration of UP’s 100th year, BSP issued 100-peso banknotes with the overprint of the UP Centennial 2008 logo.

Though it was just an accident when Adrian acquired it, he felt proud of it. Imagine, most of the collectors would spend money to have it and here he is, got one of the limited bills effortlessly for free. In fact, it was his idea to let me blog and brag about it haha. Maybe he’s going to let it framed (kidding aside).

Game Face (winner)

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And the winner is . . .

of The Spirit of Blogging. Congratulations! I will send you your 3000ECs. Please email me your email address and we're done.

Thank you to everyone who participated. I hope you enjoyed the game. Better luck next time!


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Sorry for the late response. I’ve been busy during the last few days. Game Face is over. The game is actually a though one. It’s just too late to change when I realized it. Thank you for those who patiently participated in my mini game. Here are the answers.

Here are the official entries which corresponded to the number of correct answers. I'll be posting the lucky winner after this post.

Jane - 6
Pkay – 2
Kirhat – 2
Bonoriau – 4
Renee – 0
Marviepons – 6
Levy – 3
Jess – 4

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Game Face, Get a Chance to Win 3000 ECs

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Since its going to be my birthday next week, on the 12th, let’s play some guessing game. I have some pictures here divided into two groups. The first group, Group A, consists of youngsters and the other group, Group B, their equivalents when they have grown up. Let’s see if you can match their faces based on their physical attributes.

All you have to do is to leave a comment on this post with your answers. For example, A6 is a match, though they are not really a match. =) Each blogger only has 3 chances to guess. The prize? I’m giving away 3000 ECs. The number of correct answers corresponds to the number of entries. The winner be randomly chosen through random .org. This game will run for five days starting now, August 9, 6:00 pm Manila time.

Bear with me guys for I have scanned the old pictures the reason why they seem to be blurry. Goodluck!


Group B

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Adrian's Birthday!

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Its my bf's birthday today. He's a teen no more. He just turned 20 hehe. We are of same age now. I am a year older. But, it would only last for about 10 days. Its going to be my birthday on 12 that would make me 21.
I am excited later. We'll be eating out. =) Pig out time again. Still do not know where yet. I made something for him. Here it is.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Pimp my phone

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Yesterday I was at Trinoma with my boyfriend. We bought clothes for we need for her niece’s 18th birthday party tonight. And the part I like most, we got my cellphone pimped. Yehey! At last, my cellphone looks new again. It had been worn out due to some scratches it had accumulated for about 2 years now. Yes, my cellphone is 2 years old already and I have still no plan of replacing it. I have never had a cellphone this old that still looks perfect for me.

I’ll be posting its old pictures soon. Here is how it looked like now. I picked a dark color to camouflage the scratches since the mask seems to be a transparent plastic. Thanks to Skim Jam for the perfect makeover.


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