Thursday, August 28, 2008

Relive your moments with Roxio

Posted by Alei at 8/28/2008

I have always wanted to take pictures, snapshot mementos of rich experiences I have been through. Though I can not encase them all in frames, they deserved to be kept in my head. Just when I thought of having them in a photoshow with special effects such as captions, background music and splendid styles, I came across Roxio online. I gave it a try and the result it awesome! I used our pictures last summer. We had swimming with my cousins. It was so fun having us together on that night so I settled on to give it a makeover. My pictures might not be in photo albums but, I can view them instantly, hassle free with special effects that would relive the memories those times. I might as well share this photoshow with my cousins.Thanks to Roxio! May this inspire you to make your own. Be your own director of your photoshow.

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