Friday, June 8, 2012

Food Dilemma

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With the everyday hassle and bustle of work, we barely get to eat right and stay healthy. I can attest to this. Our breakfast is usually a canned good. We do not have a refrigerator at our boarding house. The market is near but it takes a lot of time to get down there and cook. I always have limited time in the morning since I would rather sleep some more. The only option to have a decent breakfast is to cook for something the night before and be sure that it won’t be spoiled the next morning. Living in the city without my family is like a chore, difficult to do but I should do something about it.

 Foods available at the grocery stores are usually genetically modified if not preserved with chemicals. Even vegetables are no longer as safe during the time when pesticides aren't out of the market yet. This leaves our body a lot of toxins none of which we can identify from our daily meal intake. Most of the time, I wonder if my body’s immune system is still just as good since I do not take vitamins. I rarely eat fruits and vegetables. My only good habit is I drink a lot of water.

 Good thing, without much effort, we can cleanse and detox , so perfect during these days that we are all in a rush. Should there be like this in the Philippine market, I would surely never miss to have this.

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