Friday, October 31, 2008

Pre-Christmas Treat

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I accompanied my niece, Jane, who was only a year youngerthan me, to buy stuffs for her upcoming OJT and at the same time, to get away even a day from my daily routines at the shop. Yesterday was such a perfect day. Our first mall stop was at Trinoma.

Twilight hunt again

We wasted no time and hurried through National Bookstore. My heart thumped faster, no, not of excitement but because of our rush to the store that made us almost run haha. Load of books were displayed outside the store. Without a blink, my eyes surveyed the books for a tinge of hope I might be able to see Twilight. I was about to lose the possibility when Jane told me “there it is.” I was delighted! I really was! Hearing those words seem music to my ears haha. I approached the cashier inside the store and asked for a stock. She pointed us at the Bestsellers Section. There I found several Twilight books. I grabbed a copy. The cashier even told us that it was just freshly delivered. Batches of the Twilight saga ran out easily according her. I was lucky! Oh boy! I was so happy as left the store and I can’t wait to go home to blog about that very good news. My hunt was finally over. =) It feels so great that I have something to read during the weekend especially on Saturday as we spend our time at the cemetery.

Flip flop fad

Never in our visit to Trinoma that we failed to drop by at All Flip Flops. It has been always been predictable since I was with Jane, a self-confessed Havaianatic haha. There were no new designs. But, when we came to visit another branch at Glorietta, another array of collection rendered us speechless. The design was fairly plain but the metallic and golden print of the brand made it beyond compare. At one moment, I thought it was so excessive to buy another pair. I have been a liar convincing myself that it’s not haha. But on another sprung, I remembered it has been ages ever since I bought something for myself, reasonable yet enough =). I bought it as a gift for myself.

I won at Lainy’s Contest

I went home still feeling the pain on my feet. It was so tiring walking all day at the mall. I felt sleepy then but I needed to open the computer to load up someone. I checked my blog, as I always did every chance I got. I read some messages at the chatbox. My eyes were feeling heavy then. I was so surprised when I read Joy’s message saying congratulations for winning Lainy’s Contest. I winked, read the message again, and then another wink as I opened Lainy’s blog for the winners. I can’t believe my eyes. And blimey! There was the name of my blog! It was so unexpected. Ranking second all among the participants never crossed my mind. I was so lucky. Ate Lainy even told me that I was the only one here in Luzon who bagged the prize. It was so timely. The prize I will be receiving will be utilized to regain my ranks and traffic as I was planning to move. Thanks a lot Ate Lainy! Especially to your kind hearted sponsors and congratulations to all the winners. I’ll be looking forward to another contest next year hahaha

Indeed, yesterday was really my day. =) I may never have expected it all but they really made my day! =)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I want to move

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Blogger is my second home. This has been my address for about several months now. Apart from its friendly features, web site service is offered for free which makes my blogging hobby easy and convenient. But, just like other bloggers would prefer to have, having my own domain exerts a powerful pull in my imagination. I am still hesitant to have my own for two major reasons. First, having my own domain would definitely mean a fall of my Alexa and Technorati rankings which I find distressing. But, given that there are traffic sites, especially superb Entrecard, this problem can be persistently be solved it would just take time over. I am optimistic that I can build them back once more for my new domain. If I have done it before, I can do it again. =) The second bigger reason is the fact that I do not know how to have my own domain. Sounds silly? Hehe Forgive me. I have no one to ask about this stuff. There are many sites offering web hosting services but I am clueless on which is the best to use. Questions like “What does it require to have one?” and “Do I need to fix some sort of configuration?” continue to perplex my mind the very thought of me having a new address. I want to move. If not now, when can I?

I am aware that if not all, almost all bloggers have risked to encounter and conquer this dilemma successfully. Would you mind helping me with my momentous move? Hehe I can be reached through marielle_abe (at) yahoo (dot) com. Thanks in advance!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Still unlucky

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I have been eyeing for Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight book every time I come across the bookstores. As of my first hunt, I haven’t found any traces of it. The sequels are available but the initial installment is by and large, out of sight. Sigh. I got even disappointed this afternoon when I went at the bookstore. I was so eager to approach the shelf where it was located the last time I saw it, only to find out it was gone. Twilight has been out of stock again. Arrgh! Last week, I have seen it being displayed at that similar shelf with several copies. I even grabbed one to take a look. I was in high spirits way back then that I promised myself to buy it as soon as possible. I did not expect it will run off this soon. Stupid me! If only I knew, I should have not let the chance pass and bought it the last time. This was the very first time I have been crazy rummaging around for a book. The next time I had an eye on it, I would not have second thoughts on buying it.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Silent Sunday

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


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You love #1, you're for falling for #2
You can't leave #1, but you can't bear losing #2
#1 can't be happy without you, #2 is your happiness
#1 gives you the world, #2 means the world to you

Who would you choose?

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Lainy's Birthday Bash Contest

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Guess what?! Time really flies, Lainy’s birthday is approaching! In celebration of her birthday, she’ll be having a contest and will be giving away lots of cool prizes. =) Sounds very interesting right? Visit Lainy's blogs for information and complete details of the mechanics.

Our Journey To Forever Lainy's Musings Kuerdas The Certified Fashionable Chic

Here are the sponsors of Lainy's contest.

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The contest officially started last October 5 until October 28, 12 midnight.

To Ate Lainy, Happy Birthday! Wishing you all the best there is in life. May you inspire more bloggers. =) Godbless!

It was a loss

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Again, I am talking of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, JK Rowling’s sixth installment of the Harry Potter. I was done reading it. I had my eyes glued to it for more than a week. Imagine from the time I wake up, I would get a hold of the book to read it. And finally, I have settled my eyes off it. Yehey! What a relief. =) (I will be back again with my dropping chores that I failed to fulfill the last few days.)

It was a sad, tragic ending nevertheless; I still enjoyed reading the book. I won’t contest why the author made that twist in the story. I know she has inevitable plans for the “Boy Who Lived”. I can not wait to read the seventh book which was the last one! I am so excited. I miss Harry already hehe. Hopefully the soft bounded version will be out in the market very soon. Maybe tomorrow? Hahahaha

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Save lives now

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During these times of our modern living, new technologies are being developed along with the discoveries of different complex diseases. Let us admit it, just as our technology continuously progresses, so as the inescapable health complications we are bound to encounter in the future. Numerous health supplements are rampant not only on commercial ads but on the Internet as well. Everybody has been keenly conscious with their health and wellness.
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To know more about the science of this impressive discovery, visit C'elle today. You might also be curious about how this procedure changed the lives of many, visit C'elle Client Testimonial. Why do it tomorrow if you can do it today? Save lives now.


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