Thursday, October 9, 2008

It was a loss

Posted by Alei at 10/09/2008

Again, I am talking of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, JK Rowling’s sixth installment of the Harry Potter. I was done reading it. I had my eyes glued to it for more than a week. Imagine from the time I wake up, I would get a hold of the book to read it. And finally, I have settled my eyes off it. Yehey! What a relief. =) (I will be back again with my dropping chores that I failed to fulfill the last few days.)

It was a sad, tragic ending nevertheless; I still enjoyed reading the book. I won’t contest why the author made that twist in the story. I know she has inevitable plans for the “Boy Who Lived”. I can not wait to read the seventh book which was the last one! I am so excited. I miss Harry already hehe. Hopefully the soft bounded version will be out in the market very soon. Maybe tomorrow? Hahahaha

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