Friday, October 31, 2008

Pre-Christmas Treat

Posted by Alei at 10/31/2008

I accompanied my niece, Jane, who was only a year youngerthan me, to buy stuffs for her upcoming OJT and at the same time, to get away even a day from my daily routines at the shop. Yesterday was such a perfect day. Our first mall stop was at Trinoma.

Twilight hunt again

We wasted no time and hurried through National Bookstore. My heart thumped faster, no, not of excitement but because of our rush to the store that made us almost run haha. Load of books were displayed outside the store. Without a blink, my eyes surveyed the books for a tinge of hope I might be able to see Twilight. I was about to lose the possibility when Jane told me “there it is.” I was delighted! I really was! Hearing those words seem music to my ears haha. I approached the cashier inside the store and asked for a stock. She pointed us at the Bestsellers Section. There I found several Twilight books. I grabbed a copy. The cashier even told us that it was just freshly delivered. Batches of the Twilight saga ran out easily according her. I was lucky! Oh boy! I was so happy as left the store and I can’t wait to go home to blog about that very good news. My hunt was finally over. =) It feels so great that I have something to read during the weekend especially on Saturday as we spend our time at the cemetery.

Flip flop fad

Never in our visit to Trinoma that we failed to drop by at All Flip Flops. It has been always been predictable since I was with Jane, a self-confessed Havaianatic haha. There were no new designs. But, when we came to visit another branch at Glorietta, another array of collection rendered us speechless. The design was fairly plain but the metallic and golden print of the brand made it beyond compare. At one moment, I thought it was so excessive to buy another pair. I have been a liar convincing myself that it’s not haha. But on another sprung, I remembered it has been ages ever since I bought something for myself, reasonable yet enough =). I bought it as a gift for myself.

I won at Lainy’s Contest

I went home still feeling the pain on my feet. It was so tiring walking all day at the mall. I felt sleepy then but I needed to open the computer to load up someone. I checked my blog, as I always did every chance I got. I read some messages at the chatbox. My eyes were feeling heavy then. I was so surprised when I read Joy’s message saying congratulations for winning Lainy’s Contest. I winked, read the message again, and then another wink as I opened Lainy’s blog for the winners. I can’t believe my eyes. And blimey! There was the name of my blog! It was so unexpected. Ranking second all among the participants never crossed my mind. I was so lucky. Ate Lainy even told me that I was the only one here in Luzon who bagged the prize. It was so timely. The prize I will be receiving will be utilized to regain my ranks and traffic as I was planning to move. Thanks a lot Ate Lainy! Especially to your kind hearted sponsors and congratulations to all the winners. I’ll be looking forward to another contest next year hahaha

Indeed, yesterday was really my day. =) I may never have expected it all but they really made my day! =)

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