Saturday, March 19, 2011

Job Hunt Is Haunting Me

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Hey readers! I am still alive. I am temporarily staying in Manila with my niece. Internet connection is limited. I only rent at the nearby shop just to go online.

As soon as I woke up yesterday, I felt glum. Exactly three years ago, I had my march along the aisle for my graduation rites. Since then, I am a bummer for three years and still counting. Time passed and so most of the opportunities I could have seek. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Momentarily, I stopped musing over the past. I have a scheduled interview that I needed to look forward to. It made me convince myself to strangle myself early from bed. It was the fifth week of my job hunt. I am almost losing my high spirit towards work. It’s not easy looking for a job especially that I am not a fresh graduate anymore. I had been to eleven interviews. Majority of them haven’t contacted me if I were dumped or qualified for the position I have applied for. It’s stressful knowing that after all the efforts I exerted for every appointment, I’m always told to just wait for a notification if I were to proceed to the next step. Waiting is grueling without even having the assurance that it would be worth it.

I am not quitting yet. My only hope is hope. It is the only thing I have now. And if I quit, clearly, I choose to fail. I am being dragged by the fact that competition for jobs are going to be higher this March, graduation month. If by any means I am so unfortunate, call centers would be my last option. Studying for a second course has never left my mind. My relatives are not amenable about it, but I still plan to take short courses if they can suffice my shift to another industry.

If I have no interviews, my days usually pass without something to do. It is nerve wracking thinking of how bored I am and how the coming days are going to be. I’ll be back in Manila tomorrow. Next week will be my 6th week of the hunt. I am still perfectly sanguine having the thought that I am not the only person going through this dilemma. A lot more are out there unemployed, even more in need of a source of income. They might have families to feed, more necessities to be responded. I am still lucky.

Hello next week! Please be the best to me. Who knows, the approaching week will be what I have waited for, hopefully.


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