Friday, August 1, 2008

Pimp my phone

Posted by Alei at 8/01/2008
Yesterday I was at Trinoma with my boyfriend. We bought clothes for we need for her niece’s 18th birthday party tonight. And the part I like most, we got my cellphone pimped. Yehey! At last, my cellphone looks new again. It had been worn out due to some scratches it had accumulated for about 2 years now. Yes, my cellphone is 2 years old already and I have still no plan of replacing it. I have never had a cellphone this old that still looks perfect for me.

I’ll be posting its old pictures soon. Here is how it looked like now. I picked a dark color to camouflage the scratches since the mask seems to be a transparent plastic. Thanks to Skim Jam for the perfect makeover.

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Soyun Park on Sat Aug 02, 11:15:00 AM 2008 said...

Wow, what a beauty~
Nice makeover.


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