Saturday, June 14, 2008

Job Hunt Preparations

Posted by Alei at 6/14/2008

Hello June! Another school year has begun. Vacation has ended. This is the usual cycle of the students. They attend classes from June until March and spend the cool summer vacation from April until May. But this is something new to me. Goodbye to my student life. I have graduated and my primary goal is to hunt a good job. Here I have listed my plans:

1. Make the most out of the summer vacation. I was exhausted by the recent practicum I attended. I needed something to replenish my energy plus the drive to start my career. This summer I spent with my family swimming, bonding, bonding and more bonding! After this vacation, I may not have ample to pamper myself due to unpredicted work schedule.
2.Plan for my career. Although I graduated as an HRM, I am still undecided if I will serve my role in the hospitality industry. I can barely accept that I have to go to work even at holidays and weekends in which hospitality income strikes the most. I was used to having much of my time gadding about the malls and staying home. But, concerning my career, I may not have the liberty of time anymore. If I were to work at BPO’s, shifts are usually during graveyard. If I were to work at offices like banks, I am most likely to appreciate work hours, 8am to 5pm work shift plus day offs during the weekends especially on holidays. My last resorts are having my own business or take my MBA. Both sounds cool. But, whichever road I decided to travel, I will accept the corresponding sacrifices I have to go through.
3.Have a makeover. Job seeking is not just a walk at the park. I know it would be a stiffer journey than just doing projects way back my student days. It would really be a different experience in which my campus becomes the world and my classroom becomes the company I may be hired. Look good; feel good, as they say, first impression counts the most. I might as well prepare myself and undergo a makeover but also with my personality to create a good impression.
4.Adjust my daily routine. My first pace is to regulate my sleeping habits. I will sleep at 10pm until 6am. I heard that was the best time for sleep. Eight hours is perfectly long enough for rest. Then, minimize my unproductive habits such at playing online games and watching tv. Instead, spend more hours on blogging and reading. I have learned to love my blog. My blog is me. It mirrors myelf and I definitely love the way I live my life though I make mistakes, I do my utmost effort o correct them and be better.
5.Walk the talk. These plans were made to be my motivation and guide through my career. I will do whatever it takes to fulfill my dreams. Promise!

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Lizeth on Wed Jun 18, 08:48:00 PM 2008 said...

first, congrats on your grad!Ü

awesome plans listed on your post. goodluck with the jobhunt. the perfect job for you is right around the corner.Ü

i was at my first job, straight out from college, for 8 great years! goodluck to you!Ü


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