Sunday, November 16, 2008

Friendster still unstable

Posted by Alei at 11/16/2008

Friendster has been down lately. Since the other day until yesterday, the website loads at a snail's pace and for quite some time, temporary maintenance has been announced at their page. What was the commotion about?
This morning I received a text message from two of my friends containing this note:

"Please be advised that Friendster has suffered a great damage on their site as a computer named h4xor-nightmare had infiltrated their database. Please do not log in your accounts or add friends for the time being for the team is currently recovering the losses that were inflicted. Please spread."

This was really disconcerting though it was not mentioned whom this message originally came from, whether or he/she is trustworthy. I am not exactly the best judge of what is and isn't reliable. I am just apprehensive of what was going on so I send the same message to some of my friends.

I started using Friendster four years ago. I created my account when I was still in my senior years in highschool. From then, I have accumulated 1000+ friends. I have met new and old friends including strangers from the online community. hehe Friendster seem to be an online assurance that even though people do not personally met, still, we have this kind of connection that allows us all to be updated of each others' lives. Our connection cannot be broken by absence or distance, we are just a click away from a friend or relative. That was a some days ago when Friendster had not been plagued yet.

Snapping back to reality, regrettably, as I logged in my account, the number of my friends was trimmed off from 1000+ to 55. Imagine that? That was not even a fourth or a tenth of my friendlist. I have been whining about this since yesterday. I know I am not only the sole person who felt this loss. I am not blaming those people behind Friendster. I know setbacks are encountered by everyone. I hope that will problem will be resolved, if not that soon, at least, be resolved successfully with losses recovered.

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Laarni on Mon Nov 24, 05:47:00 PM 2008 said...

I believe nangyari na yung nabawasan ang number ng friends dati. no biggie. every site has to undergo maintenance mode.

And that "h4xor-nightmare" thingie is not true. Old news na 'yan. so 2004.


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