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Eclipse ebook

Posted by Alei at 11/14/2008

I have read New Moon through an ebook. I have settled for another e book again, Eclipse, the third installment of the Twilight Saga. It was not by choice since, again, for the nth time, Twilight books were out of stock. The demand for the romance novel was high and copies are being sold so quickly. I always wear that long face every time I step out of bookstores finding nothing. How I wish I would have the complete set available in hard bound copies. At least, I would not be fussing this much in looking for it.

My only solace lies on the ebooks available here in the Internet. They are absolutely free. You just have to sign up and join the forum. They are even available in other dialects.

I am totally a Twilight fan. I can not even suppress my enthusiasm when I start reading. I even cried when Edward bade goodbye to Bella in New Moon hahaha I can relate with it hehe For me nothing is more surprising than this, Kcat of Iamkcat even read Twilight thrice and New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn twice! Can you imagine that? I guess she was really into Edward like me hahaha. Yeah she's right, what's not to love about Edward? By the way, thanks Kcat for the ebook. =)

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Anonymous said...

hi! do you mind sending me an ebook copy of eclipse? i'll pm you my email if it's okay. thanks! :)

tacK on Wed Nov 19, 10:40:00 PM 2008 said...

I finally have a copy of twilight na.. laging out-of-stock kasi, kaya lagi kong binabasa from ebook.. finally there are stocks na in powerbooks.. and i got a twilight bookmark with free scoop of haagen-dazs 'taste of twilight' ice cream.. hehe. and i'm still deciding if i'll read new moon again, ang sakit sa heart nung first few chapters eh.. haha! :P

nadia said...

where do you download ebooks? e-mail me at:

Anonymous said...

aw man ive been looking everywhere for the eclipse ebook if you know where you got it email me =]!

Anonymous said...

can you email me a link?

Anonymous said...

could i have the link pretty please ?
it would mean a lot :)
email me at

Anonymous said...

A link would be awesome!!


Elisabeth Moody on Sun Nov 30, 01:39:00 AM 2008 said...

if you e-mail me eclispe, i will dedicate a blog entry about how awsome you are!!! ahhh, i need it!

Anonymous said...

could i have the link please??


Anonymous said...

it would be AMAZING if i can get my hands on an online copy of Eclipse. Could you please send me the link? Thanks!

andie and aimee on Mon Feb 09, 01:43:00 PM 2009 said...

I've found ebooks for twilight and new moon but it does seem that eclipse is a little bit too hard to find...really am "thirsty" for some links...would be really grateful if you can end this "hunting" for me...

hope sending me via a PM won't be too much of a hassle

Thanks a bunch!!!

Courtzaaah on Thu Feb 12, 07:18:00 PM 2009 said...

Umm hi, would you mind sending me eclipse as soon as possible? See i had it on ebook but lost it now i cant retrieve it. This would mean so much to me, because i am DYING to finish it, im left halfway through wondering what happens. Pleasse?
my email addy is

Oh btw. I cried my eyes out when edward said goodbye, i couldnt controll my self, and i even cried when Charlie was telling alice about how depressed bella was.

Anonymous said...

hi! do u mind sending me an ebook copy of eclipse? please;)

it would mean a lot.

email me:

kerbo on Fri Apr 03, 10:54:00 AM 2009 said...

Like a lot of all the other comments....It would be nice to have a copy of the hard to find eclipse ebook. My email is Thanx a bunch XD

Anonymous said...

email me eclipse and if you have breaking dawn please if you don;t mind. you'd be my hero! thanks


polarizz008 on Tue Jul 07, 04:43:00 PM 2009 said...

hi.. can you send me an ebook copy too of ECLISE AND BREAKING DAWN,(if you dont mind??pls).. im also fascinating about their story.. this is my email

iceangel on Sun Jul 12, 06:42:00 AM 2009 said...


i read twilight and new moon in german and now im thursty.. could somebody send me some free links or a copy of the twilight saga e-books please?
im so fascinated, that i cant stop reading this books. i can´t expect to read eclipse and breaking down :)

BabiI GurL on Sun Sep 06, 06:58:00 AM 2009 said...

i need an eclipse ebook tooh.i've been lkin evrywher for one!if yew find one,e-mail meh at or add meh on myspace---

akshata on Sat Nov 07, 05:15:00 PM 2009 said...

lyk all d other comments
i would like to have a copy of eclipse
please send it to me as soon as possible on


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