Monday, November 10, 2008

8 Random Facts About Me

Posted by Alei at 11/10/2008
I've been tagged by Ate Lainy. This was my second tag so far. Thanks Ate Lainy!


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Here are eight facts about me:

1. I love blueberry cheesecake. But I do not eat the fruit itself, just the syrup hehe.
2. I always sleep early but still ending up waking late in the morning.
3. Apart from blogging, either I read books or edit pictures through Adobe during my spare time.
4. My social life has been on hiatus. It has been a stretched time since I got the chance to go out with my girlfriends.
5. Before I started blogging, I was hooked up playing online games then I realized I should use my time wisely so I opted to blog.
6. I once dreamed to be an accountant but I am not closing my doors to study again and be one someday.
7. I am afraid to drive the reason why until now I haven’t learned to do it. I was caught up with trauma when we nearly hit a tree as I was being taught on how to drive several years ago. Thank God, handbrakes were invented.
8. When I do not feel sleepy yet, I lie on bed, wag my feet together left and right and eventually, after some minutes, I would be in deep slumber then hehe.

I am tagging:

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3 comments on "8 Random Facts About Me"

XanFactor on Fri Nov 14, 04:43:00 AM 2008 said...

i want to invite you to my other blog:
it's about comon computer issues and troubleshooting steps to resolve them...

thank you...


tacK on Fri Nov 14, 11:17:00 AM 2008 said...

hello riel! thanks for tagging me.. i did this tag na, but i'll still do your tag with my new set of 8 random.. isip muna ako.. tc! :)

Petula on Mon Nov 24, 02:21:00 AM 2008 said...

Your random facts are so cute and funny. It's nice to meet you! :D


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