Saturday, November 20, 2010

Singapore Escapade

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I was about to say this year was the worst with all the mishaps (Kuya left for Dubai, my never ending quest to fill bank requirements, my 5 long time bf left me etc.) I have experienced. They say when you reached the age of 23, its either you will be blessed with best things or will suffer bad luck. I can’t still prove it right. I have a share of good and bad this year. But the brightest side of this year was that, I went on a 3 day tour with two of my friends at Singapore.

Being my first time to travel, I was so excited. I think that’s an understatement of how truly ecstatic am I for the tour. My two companions already traveled in Hong Kong last July. I was supposed to be with them if it had not been with my ex who was negative about it. Well anyway, at least I had the chance to go out of the country this time. =)

We were at the airport by 2 pm. When my bags were checked for security screening, something in my hand carry bag made the security officer rescan it. I do not know what they have seen in it. It only contains gadgets such as a laptop, PSP, cellphones, digicam and earphones. Nevertheless, I was thankful when they let my bag in. The next thing we did was pay the travel tax, checked in our baggage and paid the terminal fee. I was curious about where the first and the latter payments go.

As a first time traveler, I was surprised that there is a screening by the immigration before entering the boarding gates. There were so inquisitive. Well, it’s a part of their job. They raised eyebrows when they found out that we are not booked in any hotel. The plan is to stay at our friend’s flat for the rest of the days. Budget hotels were already fully booked by then. They were even surprised that two of us are unemployed haha. Count me in. =) Thank God, they were convinced that we are not going overstay at Singapore. We were half relieved but still doubtful on what is in store for us at the SG’s Immigration screening. I was deeply troubled when my friend told me that her aunt was not permitted to enter a particularly country for answering wrongly. Then, she had to be sent back to her country. Too sad right?

By 4, we board the plane. They let me sit next to the window knowing that it was my first time to ride an airplane. I wasn’t scared at all especially during the take off and the landing. I just watch the clouds as they change shapes as we fly away from the Philippines. I have ebooks on my PSP but I settled to listening to music. I did not fall asleep on flight. I really can’t. More so, I felt euphoric having the thought that this was the day I was looking forward for about a month. Singapore is a mile away.

We arrived at Changi Airport around 8:30 pm. All went well until we arrived at the Immigration Terminal. The three of us fell in one line just in case we need to explain, there will be a smooth flow of conversation. We don’t want to be held at the airport. I was the third to be cleared and we fretted no more. =) I bought vodka at the airport. It’s something we could give our friends in return for our stay at their place.

At the arrival, we saw Khaye’s friend beaming at us. There were two of them who fetched us. To sum up, we were 5 to ride a taxi on the way home. But, the security officer won’t let us all 5 to ride just one cab. She insists that only 4 can ride a single taxi. Oh well, we did not argue and settled for two cabs.

I was surprised that the car is right handed which is the opposite of the cars in the Philippines. Of course, it also follow that their highways are also different from ours. There is no traffic, no deafening honks of buses and not even a bunch of passengers along the road. Our cab only stopped two times. The first one was because of the stop light and other was that, we were at our destination. How cool is that? No hassle on the highway. The road was a breeze and it made me I’m going to love Singapore. =)

We arranged our things when we reached their flat. It was on the 7th floor. The elevator only serves 6th and 10th so we had to drag and heavy baggage along the stairs from 6th floor up to the 7th. I did not mind carrying my stuff. It was better rather than having to travel from 6th to 8th haha. After some chit chat with the flatmates, we ate and went out for a walk. It was already late to start our tour so we just lingered around Hougang.

We are about to call it a night when we were informed that Seth, one of the housemates is celebrating her birthday the next day. We were invited to drink having given them the vodka I bought. Its hard to say no after their being welcomed at their home. So, we drunk, told stories and slept by 5:30 am. I was not able to sleep well but, I feel the need to rest because I’ll be needing energy for our tour in the next few hours.


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