Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Go bingo

Posted by Alei at 9/30/2008

Playing bingo has always been a common scene in our community. I remember playing bingo with my peers and family during siestas. It was exciting especially when only few numbers are left uncalled. The urge to say “Bingo” seems to get close as the numbers are being drawn. We really had tons of fun way back those times. It has brought happiness and attachment even from the youngest up to the eldest member of our family.
Though those bonding moments were gone, still, our bingo memories will always be with us. Different games mushroomed as technology develops. Bingo, as time passed has also evolved. Now, bingo has been made more innovative and interesting through a great educational DVD and a game in one, the Disney Bingo. It was a bingo made more fun and creative with those colorful pictures and numbers on screen that would surely amaze children. Playing bingo has never been as enjoyable as this since you can see your favorite Disney characters on the screen! It is yet another chance of creating joyful bonding moments and memories with the family. Grab one now! You don’t need to look far. Get a copy of Disney DVD Bingo made available at Amazon.com and Drugstore.


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