Sunday, December 14, 2008

Shot on the Spot

Posted by Alei at 12/14/2008
It was early morning. I just woke up and was blog hopping when I saw that Lainy tagged me. My cam was just an arm reach so itched to take a shot. Here it was.

I haven’t washed my face yet but I managed to comb my hair brush my teeth before facing my computer. I was still sleepy then and even on my pajamas haha literally fresh from the bed. I blinked as the cam flashed. I expected that my eyes were still half-closed hahaha.. The photo was better than I thought except for the eye bugs hehe. If it not had been for the rules, I might have edited my pic to get rid of those eye bugs haha. I remained honest to comply with the rules. =)

Now I am tagging:
Kcat of Iam kcat
Atenean101 of Atenean101
Girlforallstatus of Tales of Pinay single mommy
Liza of Mommy's little corner
Abie of The Sweet Life
Wendy of Nurturing Nigel
Ask Ms recipe of Ask Ms recipe
Dorothy of Women's self esteem blog
Pio Jun Babia of Pio Jun Babia
Jemade of Only ones and zeros are allowed

Here are the rules:
1. DON'T change your clothes.
2. DON'T fix your hair.
3. Just take a picture.
4. Post that picture with NO editing.
5. Tag 10 people to do this.

I hope you guys will have fun as much as I did. =)

16 comments on "Shot on the Spot"

Scotty's Princess on Sun Dec 14, 11:47:00 AM 2008 said...

Thanks for doing this taggie, Riel! You look great!

riel on Sun Dec 14, 12:36:00 PM 2008 said...

Thanks Ate Lainy and you're welcome! I so love taggies!

liza on Mon Dec 15, 02:16:00 AM 2008 said...

ang ganda mo pala kahit bagong gising :D andami ko nang tag nito pero wala pa ko nagawa kahit isa. i'll try to do it soon. thanks for tagging me :D

tacK on Mon Dec 15, 02:18:00 AM 2008 said...

thanks for tagging me.. I enjoyed doing it as well.. tc n God bless! :)

Carina on Mon Dec 15, 11:57:00 PM 2008 said...

I wish looked like that when I woke up ine the morning.. :)

abie said...

Hi!Thanks for this tagged.
Your pretty! Have a nice day.

riel on Tue Dec 16, 06:28:00 PM 2008 said...

thank you ladies for the compliments ngkataon lng cguro n mganda gcng ko hehe =)

BADA BING! PATRON on Sun Dec 21, 08:08:00 AM 2008 said...

yes you are pretty even if you haven't washed your face yet. but the next chance you get, don't miss that spot on the upper left side of your lips.


On a serious note you are indeed pretty

Windmill on Sun Dec 21, 03:53:00 PM 2008 said...

Hi Riel,

I wish you Yuletide Joy and A Blessed New Year together with your family.

Happy Holidays!

riel on Sun Dec 21, 11:36:00 PM 2008 said...

@bada bing - i tried removing my mole already using photoshop but aftr the process and seeing the photo, i felt incomplete haha

@windmill - thanks for the greetings Windmill. May you also enjoy the holidays together with your family =)

Pastilan on Mon Dec 22, 06:48:00 PM 2008 said...

Hmnnn... pretty :)

Aerrox on Mon Dec 22, 07:41:00 PM 2008 said...

wow ganda ng nunal! original ba yan?

your "Health Assistant" on Thu Dec 25, 12:08:00 PM 2008 said...

Happy Healthy Holidays!!!
for you and your family!


Laane on Fri Dec 26, 04:54:00 PM 2008 said...


I'm one of your entrecard-droppers and I want to wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Thanks for entrecarddropping!

NL on Mon Dec 29, 11:42:00 AM 2008 said...

You are very beauty. Nice photo :)

girlforallstatus on Tue Dec 30, 03:40:00 PM 2008 said...

your pic actually looks good. parang di bagong gising. thanks for tagging me. actually 3 friends have tagged me with this. pero ayoko gawin. =)

i don't have the luxury of your youth and besides, di talaga ako photogenic. =)

next time...


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