Saturday, June 6, 2009

Wanted: Webdesigner

Posted by Alei at 6/06/2009

It is very evident that I have lesser posts in my blog compare to what I usually have. Wondering why? Well, I have a new baby! It’s another blog I am avidly occupied these days. Photoshop is my best friend during dreary days so I opted to create another blog to compile all my Photoshop works. I made several icons already that were patronized by my nieces hehe. They posted them in their Friendster profiles through the code I provided. I felt a tinge of pride hehe. Though the graphics are not so pro, I am still learning new ways to make them better. I intend to do some more and take it to another level – a graphics website.

As of now, here’s my blog,

Bear with me its not so presentable yet because of the inappropriate layout. The monumental hindrance I am facing now is finding the appropriate web design. I do not know how to have the gallery/categorized type or whatever-they-call-it design used in websites to organize graphics into different categories. I am referring to how the graphics were arranged like that of Glitter Graphics. I doubt if it could be achieved using Blogger as the platform. Wordpress is the option but my know-how on codes is very limited especially with CSS. Posting is the only thing I am good at using Wordpress hehe. Do you know some body who can help me with the layout? Or it could be you? Please leave a comment or reach me at Thanks!

2 comments on "Wanted: Webdesigner"

ciL on Sun Jun 14, 07:04:00 PM 2009 said...

hi there! you're cute.. :)

yen on Sat Jun 20, 04:53:00 AM 2009 said...

wow! ur very talented. ur designs are great! i like what you did with abies much was that?


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