Saturday, January 22, 2011

North Park Noodle House Trinoma

Posted by Alei at 1/22/2011
A day before our planned date, my bf asked me where would I want to eat. He was craving for Chinese cuisine that's why we settled for North Park Noodle House. He thought of SuperBowl but then, we have just eaten there a week before.

Yang Chow Fried Rice

Boneless Honey Lemon Chicken

Chicken Feet
I wasn't able to eat it. My bf ate it all, unaware I haven't ate a single piece. ;)

3 Kinds Mushroom w/ Broccoli
I love this dish. Or was I just a bit biased? Mushrooms are my favorite.

Shark's Fin Siomai

Fresh Prawn Dumpling

Prawn Dumpling Noodles
The soup is sumptuous. I enjoyed it even at the last spoonful of it.

After eating, we felt like we gained some pounds already. We were really full. We went out for a stroll at the mall then had a coffee at Starbucks and we even bought a cake at Red Ribbon. It was our first monthsary and we decided to buy a cake every 16th of the month. :)

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