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Quality Goals for 2012

Posted by Alei at 1/03/2012
Since I was blogging from 2008, I have not made any written goals forNew Year. The thing is, I am afraid of failing to do them. I feel like being pressured in fulfilling my goals . However, this year, I just realized that I should not have been intimidated by my fear of failure. It is important to have a goal because it gives clarity to end our vision. Who would want to be wandering around in life?

I feel like lost already. A traveler without direction would probably lost in track. One has to have an end in mind to plan and prepare in order to reach a destination. Goal setting is a just a part of the whole process. I wanted to start things right that’s why I will be having athis list to drive me forward.

1. Shift career – I believe I can do so much more. I have more to prove to myself than what I am in now. I am currently searching for avenues to shift career to IT. When I know I can do it, I will, whatever it takes. Life is too short to spend on something I do not want. As the saying goes, you will regret not for the things you did, but for things you could have done in the past. The shift should be this year, and I’ll start this month. I am happy I have my support group that wishes well for my career.

2. Buff Up – Remain slim, get fat, diet a little, shape up a bit. I have never been contented with my figure. I always wanted to be what I’m not. I am slim mer now than I was a year ago. Well, I have already decided to buff up again and just maintain 112 lbs.

3. Boost business – I do not have an idea how to do this. My computer shop is still on operation. My next target is having an online business and my ultimate plan for this is year is to buy a car to start up a taxi business. The investment is quite big for me but I hope it would turn out good.

4. Spend less, save more – Easy to say, but difficult to do. From now on, I will be alloting a certain amount of my salary every payday for savings. I will not also use my computer shop’s earnings to splurge for shopping.

5. Spare time to blog – I have only a few posts last year. Again, to do this, I will be having a single day every week to blog. I can do it in the office or at home. There would be no excuse this time.

6. Make time to read – I have unfinished books at home. Once I got bored of the story, I start to read a new one leaving a few books uncompleted. I already have a list of books to read this year. But before starting with them, I will get done with the old ones.

7. Spend more time with family – I stay here in Manila for work on weekdays. On weekends, when I don’t have any activity in particular, I go home to Bulacan and spend the day with family. But more often than not, I spend a bigger portion of my weekend with my boyfriend. This is what I wanted to lessen since we still both have to catch up time with our families.

8. Improve my social life – My social life has taken its backseat for a while now. Three of my college friends have children already which hinders us to see each other in addition to tight schedules of some. Since I graduated from high school, I rarely see my friends back then. I am still thankful that even with some years apart, we got to see each other occasionally. We even plan to travel some time this year. I am smelling some imrpovement already.

9. Be a bitch – Not literally. I am looking forward for Sherry Argov’s Why Men Love Bitches book. I have read a part of it and I am pretty sure it would help my relationship with my man. I long to change the unselfish part of me that demands him to center his life on me. We both have our own lives to improve. At some part, its not advisable to just depend on us no matter how much deeply in love we are.

10. Get things more organized, value time– Oh, make that ALL things in general, all the smallest details, from the time I wake up to sun down, I should plan my day productively. Goodbye to my, “do-it-later” habit, hello “do-it-now” whenever possible. I have wasted a lot of time already and I can’t afford to lose more this time.

I am positive that I can live up with my list. Some are difficult, but not impossible. From now on, I will banish negativity. At the end of the year, I am hoping, I am so much different from what I am today. Hello 2012! Please be the best, I will too okay?

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