Saturday, May 12, 2012

Beach Basics

Posted by Alei at 5/12/2012
Summer has always been my favorite season. Who won’t pine for it? There are a lot of outdoor activities to do, camping, horseback riding, trekking and most of all swimming. There is nothing better than chilling at the beach and enjoying the sun, sea and sand alongside the great weather with the family. Just because you are heading for the beach does not mean you have to be complacent with what to bring. Here’s a rundown of the basics:
 a. Swimwear – It does not mean you have to be in a skimpy swimsuit. What is important is that, you are comfortable of what you wear. If your body may not that be of a model, who cares? Just as long as you can carry it and feel good about it, do it.

 b. Sunblock - Get your skin protected from the sun’s uv rays. You may not have that tan you really wanted but you don’t want to get burned. Do you?

 c. Light clothes – With the intense heat, do not stress yourself more with your clothes soak up with sweat. This would also save you the bother of carrying heavy baggage.

 d. Eyewear– You wouldn’t want to have your forehead wrinkled as the sun is up. Stay trendy and shielded with eyeglasses. Those are what I basically pack for swimming.

 Do not trouble yourself for having excess baggage for bringing a lot of what you don’t need.

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