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Bohol Getaway Part I: Panglao/ Dauis Tour

Posted by Alei at 8/28/2012
Our Bohol tour has been much awaited. I, my bf and his officemates bought our tickets October last year. I got mine for only PHP 774.00. What a bargain! Air Philippines had a seat sale by then.

Our first flight together, via Philippine Airlines.

 We left Manila around 9:30 and arrived at Tagbilaran Airport 10 minutes past 10:30. It was a short trip, I was not able to take a nap. While waiting for the arrival of our group, we went to Island City Mall at Tagbilaran. It was one of two malls in the island. We even got to watch a movie. Surprisingly, a deluxe movie ticket cost only PHP 80.00 and PHP 100.00 for the premiere compared to ticket prices in Manila which were twice the amount. 

When our group mates arrived, we started our tour visiting Dauis Church. 

Then we headed to the house of Bayoyoy, the dwarfman. He is said to be 64 years old. He seems weak and needs special treatment. He is one of the six children born and diagnosed with dwarfism. His other five siblings died already. He was featured in some local tv shows. 

 Our next stop was Hinagdanan Cave. It is an underground cave located 2 kilometers from the town proper of Dauis. Cemented ladder was made to lead the entrance of the cave. Inside the cave, there is also a lagoon. The water is clear and deep. I was not able to take a good picture of the cave due to the limited lighting.

It was around 5 pm when we reached Panglao Shell Museum or the Nova Shell Museum. They have shells from found locally in the waters around Panglao and Bohol. It is a private museum which only started as a hobby of Mr. Quirino Hora. With the hundreds of shells on display, we were amazed by the diversity of sizes, shapes, colors and the story behind every shell. There was even a particular shell so small that you
need to use a magnifying glass to admire it.

 Aside from the museum, they also have a store selling products made of shells. Their products range from paper weights, accessories and wind chimes.

Right after the tour, we went to our hotel to check in. We stayed at Cherrys Home. It is roughly a 5 minute walk to Alona Beach and accessible to restaurants.

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