Sunday, May 12, 2013

Kettle Korn: Poppin’ Fun All The Time

Posted by Alei at 5/12/2013

Alei de Guzman, raised by her aunt since she was 45 days old, believed she was her real mother as what her aunt had told her. But, through her growing years, slowly, she realized, the person she had known as her mother, was her aunt and her aunt’s sister, her real mother. Not until she reached 16, was she able to live with her real family. Living them was a challenge. Her father is alcoholic and her mother, the breadwinner, was diagnosed with cancer, stage 4. All the roads will lead her to somewhere unexpected. A story of love, sacrifice, a little bit of comedy and pursuit of happiness.

If I were to star in my own movie, it would be my one life story. There may not be action packed scenes, mind blowing special effects and hair raising characters but surely, it will be the best movie I can be a star of. Just like Kettle Korn, the star of every movie, makes watching poppin’ fun all the time. Watching movies has always been good with Kettle Korn.

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