Sunday, March 13, 2016

Deal Grocer Review

Posted by Alei at 3/13/2016 0 comments
Loads of group buying sites continuously mushroomed in the over the years. They offer discounted prices of products and services not limited to gadgets, accommodations, restaurant vouchers and even wellness services. With all these sites considerably offering low prices, some forums are flocked with negative feedbacks leaving consumers, including me, hesitant to buy such deals.

Curious as how group buying sites work, I searched for top deal providers. Deal Grocer stands out from the rest simply because they offer premium line of products and services, trying to live up to their slogan of “Offering a Taste of Good Life”. Being a UI/UX designer myself, I commend them for their website, appealing and professional. Both made me decide to register and look out for deals. The deals are properly grouped, no cluttered areas and annoying ads. The process of buying is intuitive. 

To date, I have bought 15 deals from them. Four of which were gift vouchers I gave to my friends. Three were forfeited because the merchants closed before the redemption date ends. However, they gave refunds depending on the mode of payment. The first one was through Deal Grocer credits since I made a bank deposit for the payment. The second refund was processed through my credit card. They reverted my payment back. Two thumbs up for their after sales service. Given that my only communication with them was through e-mail, their responses were prompt. I haven't tried other deal providers as I am a bit doubtful on how they would handle scenarios like this.

Before buying vouchers on different sites, make sure to do your research on the providers. Be mindful of their policies, modes of payment and delivery concerns so that when anythings fails, you know what to do. These sites should provide convenience for consumers, not the other way around. 


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