Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My new layout

Posted by Alei at 9/23/2008
Ooops! Have you noticed anything? Yes, I have changed my layout into a more organized one. Not that my old layout made a mess on my blog but it’s not as clean as this one. It has been ages since I wanted to change it but got no time and guts to do so. I was afraid that it might turn out as a disaster thinking my widgets would be altered and worse, deleted hehe. And now that I have changed it, I'm ever so happy! I’m proud I was able to do the header by myself through photoshop and successfully modified the original header of the layout. It was an achievement for me though others may have done this easily. It took me few hours to find and edit the tags. I am no pro when comes to web design but managed even with limitations hehe.
Everything looked perfectly well, I think. But, I guess you also noticed, upon reading this post, the font size is bigger than the normal haha. I tried to edit the html and adjust the font sizes but, nothing happened. =( Can anybody help me with that?

4 comments on "My new layout"

Laura-Junkfoodaholic.com on Wed Sep 24, 01:21:00 AM 2008 said...

Your new template looks great! :)

Polly on Sat Sep 27, 09:26:00 AM 2008 said...

I like the new layout ... the colours are very vibrant. I do admit though that I thought I's accidentally taken a wrong turn and landed into someone else's blog for a little while. :)

shzainzy on Sat Sep 27, 09:46:00 PM 2008 said...

Hey Guys!

Please do add my other blogs youre already there.


ThaNKs a lot!
you can check it out if you want.

Jude on Tue Sep 30, 03:48:00 AM 2008 said...

I think the blog looks good and I personally like the font size.


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