Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Flip flop Paradise

Posted by Alei at 5/20/2008
Flip flops have made a successful entry in our world of fashion. Locally known as, “tsinelas”, we, Filipinos, have been used to using these pairs at home. We use them as “pambahay” when fashion needs not to be considered. A sole and straps, these are what make our flip flops. Soles are made out of rubber and straps of different varieties such as plastic, cloth and even beads to name a few common materials used to them jazz up. Their price ranges from 100 to 1000 pesos. If you are after the value for your money, why not invest on something dear but of the best quality.
Flip flops have changed our trends. Before, women are mostly seen with flair sandals and high heel shoes. But now, flip flops has been the new fashion statement. Just put on your favorite blouse, sexy pair of jeans and your hot flip flops and voila, you are on the go. On many occasions, flip flops has become acceptable, parties, malls and parks. However, there are also some occasions which do not fit your pairs. Examples are in the school, at the church and at the wake where in more formal wear is appropriate.
One of the hottest brands of flip flops is the famous, Havaianas, it came out at the market with fashionable colors, designs and levels of thickness. Either a plain or a print, these cool havaianas are still being patronized by many because of its authentic comfort and quality. Just recently, May 2-4 has been the very big day of Havaianas collectors. The most-awaited “Make you own Havaianas” was held. It is the perfect occasion for Havaianas fans to be themselves and be creative in making their own customized pairs with the same signature comfort and style of Havaianas. Too bad, I was not able to participate at the event. But, I am looking forward for the next year’s event.
Another brand of flip flops is “Mallos”, uniquely scented flip flops. It was named Mallos because of its marshmallow kind of softness and mallow means flower. Their flip flops are scented and are soft like the marshmallows. They have four fragrances, namely, berry, blossom, candy and dew. Even these mallos pairs are immersed in water, its scent still stays because it was made innovatively to last.
Either in prints or plains, scented or not, flip flops will definitely stay in our fashion arena for a long time.

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