Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ran Addict

Posted by Alei at 5/20/2008

I am a self-proclaimed Ran Addict are you like me? How will you know that you’re a Ran addict too here are the some of the symptoms.

  • You love Ran more than your food.

  • You spend almost the whole day in the internet shop just to level up.

  • You get irritated when you have no party.

  • You stay up late, skip your meals and even forget to take a bathe just to play Ran. Your mother keeps on reminding you to do those stuffs before returning to play.

  • You get up early in the morning on weekend exp events to find a party.

  • You fail to text your girlfriend because of your need to boost your character’s experience.

  • You ask for extra allowance from your parents to buy e-points for your ultima rosary and you told them you have projects. Wao!

  • You wait in line for the next computer slot to get your twice-a-week dose of club wars.

  • You complain for lag problems you have encountered when leveling only to find out your seatmate is downloading gigantic files.

  • You are reading this blog. Oye!~_^

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