Monday, August 25, 2008

Flip Flops Fanatic

Posted by Alei at 8/25/2008

I am an avid aficionado of flip flops, cute, comfortable and posh they are. I was never used to wear shoes except when some occasions require for it. I am thankful that gone are those days that I have to wear two inches shoes as I stride off to school. Gone are those days that I have to hold back the pain as I exert all my effort walking through the lofty stairs to hurry for our classes. Gone are those times that I caught my head up at the ceiling of the jeepney as I get on and off it. Those were the times I was really reluctant to wear high-heeled shoes. Feminine and classy they may seem, but it terribly hurts my feet. Good thing, goodbye to those sorrowful days. What a relief.

When going out, I prefer to wear flip flops. I love it when I can wiggle my toes after a long exhausting walk. The most sought-after flip flops today are the famous Havaianas. Almost everybody loves it regardless of age and gender. It creates a buzz among the fanatics every time new designs are available. Who would have thought these hip pairs would perfectly make a fashion statement? I own a few pairs, but as I recall how much does each cost, I swear not to buy ever again. Despite this in mind, just last week, as I visited the boutique, I can’t help but be tempted with the array of latest designs. The mania started again. Adrian fished out money from his wallet and bought the new pair. It was yet another addition to my fascination.

I can still hark back to what my friend told me before. He said my pairs would be forever jealous with the newer ones I bought haha. Who says its a sin to have more than one pair? I think there is nothing wrong with buying those slippers. It’s just that the reality is that less fortunate people walk bare foot on the streets, having no money to spare with common slippers. And yet I spend this much for my flip flops. I felt a tinge of guilt and regret. Lucky enough, I, like you, do not share the same fate with them. I realized I should limit myself from lavishness and learn to value every cent I spend. In the first place, I am still unemployed. What I have today may not be what I have in the future. Good things never last.

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SHIELA on Tue Aug 26, 12:15:00 AM 2008 said...

havainas is a nice slippers but it's not for me. there is a lot of sale now in here because summer season will gonna end soon. most are 50% off but still i did not buy. i think the price is too much for that type of slippers :)

have a nice day!


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