Saturday, July 4, 2009

Facebook fan

Posted by Alei at 7/04/2009
Today in our world in which taps on the keyboard and clicks on the mouse has been a way of life, social networking sites boomed like mushrooms, Friendster, Myspace, Hi5, Tagged and the list goes on. One site that stands out among the rest is Facebook.

They say Facebook is addictive. Some of my friends invited me to join hence, I gave in and tried what the fuss is all about. I am surprised to see a lot of my friends signed up already. Suddenly, I felt left out hehe. (Though I have Friendster account to keep me posted, I rarely open it.) I started using applications like Pet Society and Restaurant City. It kept me coming back to check my online barn and restaurant, which is one thing I got hooked aside from the updates of my friends. I agree, indeed, Facebook is addicting. It affected my blogging habits haha. It’s far different from the rest. Facebook chat enables users to chat with their friends online. The quizzes, games, events, virtual gifts are among their winning features that caught the interest of Internet users.

Personally, I love their games. They are cute and user friendly unlike MMORPG which requires more complex understanding of the characters’ built and the utilization of varied items in the game. In addition to the know-how needed, money is also involved to speed up leveling.

I remember encouraging my sister to use applications in Facebook particularly Restaurant City and Barn Buddy. She told me once that she can not comprehend and not so interested about it. But now, when she started, she’s always online and on play. She even beat up my restaurant statistics.

Now I believe when one starts using Facebook, it is unlikely to stop. Spending time with Facebook is acceptable as long as you can balance your time online and offline. When you spend more time online than off, that’s the moment to reassess and plan your habits properly. Hmmm, I think I’m close to that point of reassessment =).

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Sandy on Mon Jul 06, 09:16:00 AM 2009 said...

Funny how facebook has envolved. In the beginning it was a college student only networking system. It wasn't really all that social. It's purpose was to connect a student at MIT with a student at Harvard taking similar classes. It was open only to the very top tier schools with a proveable college email address. Then there was stab at a business component to replace businesses directories. Pretty soon other colleges were added. It became more social than academic in it's connecting of people. Then they allowed HS kids, then the doors were flown wide open and it's original intend has been lost. Money can be made which is why facebook drives everything. It doesn't seem to have the nasty issues myspace did and does with porn and underage kids, and suicides. Hopefully it will stay that way for the people who enjoy it. It's not something that I've chosen to start...think it's an age thing. lol

And, if kids like it, shouldn't parents stay away so kids can have their space? I think so; though I know many parents use it as a means to spy on the kids.

My daughter loved it in her college years, but I don't think is on it much these days. I'll have to ask her when we chat next time.


Scrabbler on Tue Jul 07, 12:50:00 PM 2009 said...

What I like about Facebook is their games especially Scrabble coz I'm a Scrabble addict.


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