Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Dream Home

Posted by Alei at 3/20/2012
Every time I mull over having my own home, I feel excited and pressured. Why? The thought of having my own place gives me the pride for independence. It is a fulfillment having something that you have toiled for. The moment you set your eyes on your own space, everything would be worth it, the time, stress, hard work, sacrifice and efforts all paid off. I would want to get hold of something at par or even more than what I have grown up with. Dreaming something big is not half bad especially when it drives you more to have it.

I am dreaming big for my home. The house should have two floors. In the first one, there should be the living room, the kitchen, a bathroom, a library and an entertainment room. In the second one, there should be at least four bedrooms for me and my family, or some friends, could come when they wanted. The living room will be enclosed with glass instead of wall for natural lighting.
I would want to have it with lush garden, a pool and a pond populate with colorful koi fishes. To add up for the countryside ambiance, I thought of having riverside pavers installed as a part of the garden. I grew up in the province which made me love natural landscaping and I would want the same surroundings. Seeing the greens of the nature makes me feel relaxed.

It is a challenge to have the home you imagined become as it is in reality. You would need specialists from time to time to pull off everything perfectly. I found a helpful site for those who require installation services about Installitdirect.

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