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Posted by Alei at 7/18/2008
I was with my sister then other day at the hospital. Her left inner thigh was infected with abscess("pigsa" in Tagalog) . I can see the excruciating pain she is experiencing every time she moves especially when she walks. After a few days of thinking, she finally made up her mind to consult a doctor. The bitter verdict? To cut off the swollen part. There is no other way to get rid of the pain but to let free of the caught pressure inside. Its only possible way out will be a cut skin. With the minor operation in mind, my sister almost cried. It would surely be painful but after the agony, the infected area will swell no more. Real sacrifice right? With a spark of hope and fear, she agreed the doctor to finally end the pain.
I witnessed it all. I saw how the doctor cleansed the swollen skin, how he popped the pus out using surgical scissors, how my sister cried in pain, how the blood and pus oozed out from the wound. Oh boy! It was very uneasy watching that scenario. I can’t help but stare somewhere else. It was like a torture.
Abscess according to the doctor, is caused by friction within the skin that unables the pores to excrete the necessary sweat. As a result, the sweat is trapped inside unable to exit. From there, a pus is formed leaving the skin swollen.
I remember when I was a kid, I dreamed to be a doctor, however, with that simple operation I cannot withstand, undeniably, I don’t have the guts to be one someday.

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