Friday, July 25, 2008

Merci Entrecard

Posted by Alei at 7/25/2008

It has been my daily routine to check my blog to maintain its shape. I read left messages in the chatbox, read over the comments and observe the number of visitors my blog gets. To my surprise, my traffic rank landed from a million and some thousands to 603,198. I know for a fact that you have a better traffic rank than mine. But its the best recorded rank of my blog. It’s just that a month ago, my blog ranked 5million++. It has no frequent visitors. Thanks to Entrecard. Ever since I have started dropping, my rank went up. I am closely watching my Alexa rank since then. Everyday, I see to it that I religiously drop 300 cards and make some comments to have a visit back. I may not see then results that soon but, I know every drop count and comment is an investment in my blog rank. I won't stick to my rank right now. Of course, everybody wants to be better. My goal is to belong to the top 90,000 rankers. I hope I can do it. May be I can, by making the most out of Entrecard. With the millions of aspirants here in the blogosphere finding their way to the top,I bet getting there won’t be a piece of cake. There could be no better attitude but to be persistent and consistent. Who knows, you might only have one final step left to be on top.

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Raquel on Fri Jul 25, 08:24:00 PM 2008 said...

Entrecard rocks! Just keep on dropping sis. Meron akong 2 weeks old blog ngayon, believe it or not, ang alexa ay 800,000 na. Take note, in two weeks lang yan.

Majik on Sat Jul 26, 06:38:00 AM 2008 said...

I've been using Entrecard for quite some time now. Reciprocating drops have helped catapult my blog to one of the more popular blogs on Entrecard. My Alexa ranking has gone from 700,000 to less than 60,000.

Being social in the Entrecard community will help with your traffic as well as dropping 300 cards a day. I normally drop 300 cards everyday and most of them are from my inbox. Your traffic will keep building the more active you are, especially within Entrecard!

Happy Blogging.

Mekhismom on Mon Jul 28, 12:08:00 AM 2008 said...

Congratulations. I am new to Entrecard and am wondering how in the world do you drop 300 cards a day? Isn't that time consuming? I would love any tips you have. Thanks!

Atniz on Mon Jul 28, 07:33:00 PM 2008 said...

Entrecard have helped a lot of members but for some point, Alexa stop recognizing Entrecard traffics. If you see the king of Entrecard Monkey Fables who receives highest inbox drop in Entrecard family, his Alexa is above 300k. So, try to utilize other methods as well like commenting or participating in blogcatalog, digg, etc.


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