Saturday, July 5, 2008

School Sentiments

Posted by Alei at 7/05/2008
During my school days, I am so happy to hear “NO CLASSES” declarations may it be from the media or from our school. Classes are usually suspended on rainy season when a typhoon gets to hit the country. On those times, I and my classmates are so much eager to go home, forget all those pile of books to read, free from long quizzes and excused from the looming graded recitations. We go home with the relief from stresses of the academic world. On Mondays, we are too lazy as we dragged along our feet to school. On Fridays, we jump for fun for another week was over. We rejoice as weekend approaches except when we had to sacrifice our Saturday to make up for classes at times the teacher fails to conduct his class during the weekdays. Sigh. Sometimes I regret being a student but I know all of us have to go along with the process, school-home, home-school routine five busy days a week. Do I sound like a problem student? Hehe I’m definitely not one. Though kind of schedule that comes along with schooling may be tiring, the learning inculcated in every discussion and activity is beyond measure.
Now that I have graduated, I am terribly missing my school days. It was only on college that I came to appreciate the magnitude of learning. I have wasted time on my high school and to some extent, my college days. If there would be a chance that I can go to school, I would surely never let it pass. I miss school, my friends, fellow students and mentors especially the fun of learning. No more intramurals amd Paulinian week to look forward to. Its totally different now, I am free from the nerve wracking academic obligations and from the rules and regulations that exist only on the bounds of the campus. I sleep late, wake up late and on the next day, it troubles me when I do nothing but stare at plain space. I live with this stuff everyday. Even before, it was not my habit to stay daily at home. I occasionally spend time away from the four corners of my room, piddling time away with my friends. Unfortunately, my dear friends and I have detached situations now. We have been busy living each others’ lives and pursuing our own endeavors. I can’t hang out with them anymore. The school which was once our bonding place turned out to be a past we can never get back.
This is our kind of life, another chapter has ended, another road to be traveled. I am no longer a student, instead, a professional on progress. Thanks to the congregation of sisters of our school who wanted nothing but to mold us into leaders of transformation, thanks to my mentors who motivated us to give out the best among us, to my friends and classmates who I was with sharing school laughters and tears. If not because of you, I may not be who I am today though I am nobody yet, I have not gained my laurels yet but hopefully someday, I will be someone you can be proud of.
There is really no place in this world like my alma mater, St. Paul.

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coolingstar9 on Tue Jul 08, 01:56:00 AM 2008 said...

Yes, I also went through all these. Now thinking back, I a bit regret why that time never really treasured it.
Time running so fast, what to do?
Life still have to go on.
I, coolingstar9 wish you happy and healthy, have a nice week, best wishes from coolingstar9.
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