Thursday, July 10, 2008

Missing my Mom

Posted by Alei at 7/10/2008
I can still recall that very scene we are almost breathless, eyes filled tears, crying as we stare at mom. That was our last look at her face. Never will we see her again, never will we have the chance to embrace her and tell her how much we love her. It pains a lot losing some you really love.
My mom was inflicted with cancer. But, her sickness was not a hindrance for her to show how much she loves us, how much she wanted us to be happy. At stage 4, she still managed to go to work to earn a living, a typical employee does. (She has been the breadwinner of the family ever since my dad resigned from his job.) Though we advised her to stay at home, she still insisted to be at the office. She has been very passionate to work. Fortunately, her colleagues who were also her friends, were considerate enough not to let her work. My mom spends her day at work without doing anything but sorting papers. On weekends and some of the weekdays, we usually stay at the hospital for her chemotherapy and radiation sessions. We were all hoping for her recovery and even the slightest sign that she is going to survive cancer. Then we stroll off to a nearby mall. We spend time bonding, cherishing the moments because tomorrow might be the end.
Two years had passed, two years of longing and adjustments. Every nook of the house holds a memory of her. I can still remember her radiant smile that perfectly conceals her sickness. She had been very strong to face her test of faith. She never blamed God. What made me admire her most was when she had already accepted that sooner she will be leaving us. She accepted her fate that she is going to die though it is hard indeed.
I miss her so much. I know she is at peace, happy and painless. She bonded our family together. She accepted us for who and what we are, loved and cared for us despite our mistakes. She never did fail to do everything she can for us. She is simply the best. (Thank you mommy!) She is a picture of a selfless ever loving mother and wife, a woman of strength and faith, my mom, my idol.

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7 comments on "Missing my Mom"

maline on Sat Jul 12, 12:09:00 PM 2008 said...

i can feel your longing for your mom, and the pain of her passing. I lost my nanay 4years ago, and i could say, no words can express the void she left us. Good thing for you, you were able to care for her during her sick days. That's one of my frustrations until now - i was abroad then and had only come to grip with my mourning when i came back here in Pinas 2 years after. There were a time I don't want to go out the house because that's the only place i could feel her presence.
For sure, your mom is happy looking out how good you have become.

God bless!

Julie on Sat Jul 12, 12:10:00 PM 2008 said...

What a loving tribute to your mom...

Sherry on Sat Jul 12, 02:06:00 PM 2008 said...

good post, I miss kissing my mom.

by the way I am going to do a tag soon. Are you interested? If yes.. I can included your blog to pass you the tag.

Let me know.

Good day

rieru on Sun Jul 13, 11:25:00 AM 2008 said...

@maline & julie
one thing my mother told me before she died was to finish my studies. Im proud I did. =) I hope she's happy.

Chris on Wed Jul 16, 11:43:00 AM 2008 said...

My mom lives in me I hope. She was good and loving and I want to be just like her. I miss her terribly.

Aerox on Wed Jul 16, 06:46:00 PM 2008 said...

We have plenty of silent sanctuary here, with water forms! ^-^hmmm..... I'm gonna post one tomorrow If I'll have time to go to those places!

Lee on Thu Jul 17, 04:19:00 AM 2008 said...

As others have said, this is a great tribute to your mom. Thanks for sharing it with us.


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